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Repeal of DADT Just the Beginning, Says OutServe SLDN

By Akeem Favor | Saturday Mar 16, 2013
At the OutServe-SLDN national dinner, leaders and veterans took a moment to celebrate their gains before refocusing on the mission -- to serve and protect LGBT servicemembers.

Officers’ Wives Club Excludes Lesbian Army Wife

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jan 1, 2013
The repeal of DADT left the military with a patchwork quilt of who gets what rights and benefits. For same-sex spouse Ashley Broadway, this resulted in her denial to join the Association of Fort Bragg Officers’ Spouses.

Soldier Up: HIV Positive and in the Military

By Akeem Favor | Monday Dec 3, 2012
For those Americans who want to serve their country in the military, having HIV is a dealbreaker, as military policy says soldiers must be able to withstand adverse situations and potential combat scenarios. But what about active service members?

ROTC Programs Return to Ivy League Universities

By Michael Melia | Monday Oct 24, 2011
Yale, Harvard and Columbia all signed agreements this year to bring back ROTC. Much of the lingering opposition to the military dissolved with last year’s repeal of "don’t ask, don’t tell."

Lesbian Marine, 2 Others Discharged for Faking Marriages

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011
Three San Diego Marine corporals have been discharged for bad conduct after admitting they faked their marriages to receive housing allowances.

Active Duty Gays Say Coming Out Has Been Non-Event

Monday Oct 17, 2011
Service members attending the first-ever convention for gay military personnel say they have received nothing but support or shrugs since coming out at work.

Post-DADT, Gay Troops Burst Out of the Shadows

By Kilian Melloy | Saturday Oct 15, 2011
It’s been less than a month since the final repeal of "Don’t Ask, Don’ Tell," the law that forced gay and lesbian servicemembers into the closet starting in 1993. But already, the nation’s out, proud patriots are making themselves known as leaders.

Military Gay Personnel Ready for 1st Convention

By Lisa Leff | Friday Oct 14, 2011
The nation’s only professional group for active-duty gay military personnel is holding its first conference in Las Vegas this weekend, an event only made possible by the recent lifting of DADT.

Santorum: Race is Identity, Gay is Sexual Conduct

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Oct 10, 2011
According to GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, racial identity and sexual orientation are two different things because, the pol suggested, racial minorities are born into their identity, whereas gays are gay only because of their sexual partners.

Cain Says He Should Have Spoken Up for Gay Soldier

By Douglas Birch | Monday Oct 3, 2011
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that he should not have stayed silent after the audience at a GOP debate booed a gay soldier serving in Iraq.