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CPAC Crazy: Oliver North Says GOP Needs to Fight Gay Marriage Like Abolitionists Ended Slavery

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Mar 7, 2014
Conservative Oliver North urged the GOP during CPAC Friday that Republicans must oppose gay marriage the same way abolitionists fought to end slavery.

Threatened With Extinction, Conservative Opinions on Marriage Begin to Evolve

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday Dec 28, 2013
As the American population shifts views on marriage equality, conservative forces that have fought long and hard against marriage equality, start to evolve their views on the hot button issue.

Sarah Palin Defends ’Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Anti-Gay Remarks

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson made waves of Chick-fil-A proportions on Wednesday when he spewed anti-gay comments but, unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin is is expressing her outrage over the backlash against Robertson.

More Conservatives Show Support for ’Duck Dynasty’ Star

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
More ultra-right conservatives are showing their support for Phil Robertson after A&E suspended him from the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty" for making anti-gay comments.

Conservatives Outraged at ’Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Backlash

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
Conservatives are flocking to defend Phil Robertson, a star on A&E’s reality show "Duck Dynasty," who was suspended from the show this week after he made anti-gay remarks in a GQ interview.

Rubio Seeks to Reconnect With the Right

By Michael J. Mishak | Friday Nov 15, 2013
Stung by conservative backlash earlier this year, Marco Rubio has spent months seemingly trying to convince skeptical fellow Republicans that he’s more than just the Florida senator who championed comprehensive immigration reform.

Anti-Gay Radio Hosts: Miley Sold Her Soul to the Devil, Had Sex With A Demon

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Nov 1, 2013
Two ultra-conservative religious pundits freaked out over a Halloween photo of Miley Cyrus, which lead them to believe that the singer signed her soul over to the Devil and is promoting Satanism.

Right Wing Pundits Blame Russian LGBT Community for Violence

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Oct 23, 2013
Two ultra-right conservatives say Russia’s LGBT community caused the anti-gay violence in the country, defending the highly controversial laws that aim to silence and persecute Russia’s LGBT community.

Santorum is Back, Still Hating Marriage Equality

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Oct 18, 2013
It’s been awhile since Rick Santorum has commented on same-sex marriage but the candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination spewed anti-gay marriage rhetoric during the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference last month.

Among Social Conservatives, a Pocketbook Message

By Ken Thomas | Saturday Oct 12, 2013
In search of a new standard-bearer, evangelicals are looking for a lot more than opposition to gay marriage and abortion.