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Colors & Patterns :: Some Rules to Follow

By Joel Martens | Saturday Sep 20, 2014
When you look at what is being said in print online or by celebrity designers, the advice on what is "in" is as varied as stars burning in the sky. Here are some hints to help cut through the clutter.

3 Design Rules Worth Breaking

By EDGE | Thursday Sep 11, 2014
Looking to break the rules? Here are three design rules worth breaking. With a keen eye, your home can be both stylish and unexpected.

Michael Zahler: That’s Good Design

By Jill Gleeson | Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
Michael Zahler, founder of the interior design firm That’s Good Design, chat with EDGE about his inspirations and offers budget-friendly tips for sprucing up your home for spring.

Homepolish: Professional Interior Design on Any Budget

By Jill Gleeson | Monday Feb 24, 2014
Home is where the heart is, but if you’re lacking that every-important design gene, it may look like a bloody mess. Enter Homepolish, the interior design company that can deliver the goods on any budget.

Home for the Holidays with Herman Chan

By EDGE | Monday Dec 16, 2013
Herman Chan is a man you want in your corner when it comes to real estate advice. And once you’ve purchased your dream home, keep him around for interior design and decorating tips that will keep you on budget and on trend.

Raise the House, Lower the Flood Risk

By Carole Feldman | Monday Oct 28, 2013
Nationwide, insurance claims for flooding damage totaled on average more than $3 billion annually from 2003 to 2012, according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The most common way to reduce the risk: elevating the home, the NFIP says.

6 Tips for Best Home Resale Improvements

By Alex Veiga | Friday Aug 16, 2013
Spending on home remodeling has picked up over the past 18 months and is expected to rise nearly 20 percent to $151 billion by the fourth quarter. Here are six tips to flip your home from Grey Gardens to Manor in the Sky.

Better than Botox: Easy Home Makeovers

By EDGE | Friday Aug 2, 2013
Is your home looking tired? Some key house makeovers can turn your dull digs into the envy of the neighborhood.

Hurricane Home Protection

By EDGE | Friday May 31, 2013
With hurricane season upon us, EDGE picked up some valuable tips from home improvement expert Mark Clement to help protect your home.

AT&T Moves Into Home Security

By Peter Svensson | Monday May 6, 2013
AT&T hopes to get a piece of the $18 billion home security industry as the wireless industry has slowed down after 10 years of steady growth.