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Sexual Harassment at Comic-Con in the Spotlight

By Sandy Cohen | Monday Jul 28, 2014
Amid the costumes and fantasy of this weekend's Comic-Con convention, a group of young women drew widespread attention to a very real issue - allegations of sexual harassment at the annual comic book convention.


By Kilian Melloy | Friday Mar 21, 2014
The take-away from Frieda Mock’s new documentary about Anita Hill is that more than two decades after Hill’s testimony about Clarence Thomas, the world is a little bit better for women and girls who possess talent and drive.

Male Employee Sues Ill. GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Over Sexual Harassment

Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
A defiant Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford has vowed to remain in the competitive Republican race for governor despite allegations that he sexually assaulted a male employee.

San Diego Mayor Comes Under Swift, Heavy Scrutiny

By Elliot Spagat | Friday Jul 12, 2013
San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in 20 years was desperately trying to stay in office amid sexual harassment allegations made public by some of his closest supporters. He apologized, promised to change and begged voters to let him keep his job.

Lesbian Alleges Work Harassmen for Changing Name to Honor Doris Day

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Nov 21, 2012
A lesbian bartender from East London who changed her name to honor a film icon, is suing the bar where she worked after the owner and his girlfriend allegedly subjected her to months of anti-gay harassment and physical abuse.

World-Famous NYC Steak House Pays $600K to Workers for Male-on-Male Harassment

By Sam Hananel | Thursday Nov 15, 2012
A tony New York steakhouse that was the site of a legendary mafia murder in the 1980s is paying $600,000 to settle claims that a male manager sexually harassed nearly two dozen of the restaurant’s male waiters.

Key Lawmakers Stand By Aussie Gov’t Over Scandal

By Rod McGuirk | Monday Apr 23, 2012
Key independent lawmakers said on Monday they will stand by Australia’s embattled government after the parliamentary speaker temporarily stepped aside over allegations of sexual harassment, involving an openly gay staffer, and fraud.

Cain Campaign Assails Accuser Bialek

By Shannon McCaffrey | Tuesday Nov 8, 2011
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain went on the offensive Tuesday against the only woman to publicly accuse him of inappropriate sexual behavior, the latest in a series of claims that have threatened his White House ambitions.

Survey: Sexual Harassment Pervasive in Grades 7 - 12

By David Crary | Monday Nov 7, 2011
It can be a malicious rumor whispered in the hallway, a lewd photo arriving by cell phone, hands groping where they shouldn’t. Added up, it’s an epidemic - student-on-student sexual harassment is pervasive in America’s middle schools and high schools.

Woman Accuses Cain of Bold Sexual Advance

By Beth Fouhy and Jack Gillum | Monday Nov 7, 2011
Speaking in a halting voice, a Chicago-area woman accused Republican presidential contender Herman Cain on Monday of making an unwanted sexual advance against her more than a decade ago.