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Health Experts Urge WHO to Remove LGBT ’Disorders’ From ICD

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jul 3, 2014
As the World Health Organization and the United Nations prepare to release a new edition of their International Classification of Diseases (ICD) guidelines in 2017, health experts have asked them to review and/or remove several "disorders."

WHO, UN Condemn Forced Sterilization of Trans & Intersex People

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jun 2, 2014
The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined forces with UN and other groups to condemn the forced sterilization of transgender and intersex people in a groundbreaking report.

Sandra Bernhard Comes Out to Support HIV Equal Testing Event

By Winnie McCroy | Friday May 30, 2014
On May 31, celebrities including Sandra Bernhard will gather at BarTini Ultra Lounge to be tested for HIV and photographed as part of Jack Mackenroth’s HIV Equal Project.

More HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010
Just over half of HIV-infected pregnant women in poor countries received crucial AIDS drugs to protect their unborn children last year, the World Health Organization reported Tuesday - one of a list of improvements in the global fight against HIV.

WHO says measles making ’rapid comeback’

By Frank Jordans | Monday May 24, 2010
Measles is making a rapid comeback in African, Asian and even some European countries despite being easily avoided through vaccination, the World Health Organizations said Friday as countries pledged to sharply cut infections and deaths worldwide by 2015.

New strategy may be last shot to get rid of polio

By Maria Cheng | Friday May 21, 2010
For years, the world has been on the brink of wiping out polio, the deadly disease that can paralyze and kill children.

Expert panel to view confidential swine flu papers

By Frank Jordans | Thursday May 20, 2010
An expert panel investigating the World Health Organization’s response to last year’s swine flu outbreak said Wednesday it wants to see confidential exchanges between the U.N. body and drug companies.

WHO adopts global strategy to combat alcohol abuse

Thursday May 20, 2010
Nations have adopted a global strategy to reduce alcohol abuse, breaking decades of inaction on one of the leading causes of sickness and death.

UN efforts to fight TB have flopped

By Maria Cheng | Wednesday May 19, 2010
Global efforts to control tuberculosis have failed and radical new approaches are needed, experts said Wednesday.

Life s-s-s-saver? WHO launches snake venom website

Wednesday May 5, 2010
The World Health Organization launched a website Tuesday it hopes will help cut the estimated 100,000 deaths caused annually by snake poison.