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Is Accused Killer Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Law?

By AP | Saturday Aug 23, 2014
Ramsey County authorities say the man suspected of shooting and killing his former lover early last week is likely relying on social media to find shelter while on the run from authorities.

Ice Bucket Challenge May Change Nonprofit World

By Alicia Rancillo | Saturday Aug 23, 2014
The ice bucket challenge's phenomenal success is making other charitable organizations rethink how they connect with a younger generation of potential donors.

Media Taken in By Dutch "Gay-Only" Village Hoax

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Jun 20, 2014
Dutch and foreign media were taken in by an elaborate hoax regarding the construction of a "gay-only" village outside of Tilburg.

May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday May 17, 2014
On May 17, LGBT groups across the world will observe International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia, with this year’s theme being the Freedom of Expression.

Diver Tom Daley Receives Social Media Backlash for Coming Out

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Dec 2, 2013
British Olympic diver Tom Daley made international headlines Monday after revealing he is in a relationship with a man. While many have lauded the athlete for his announcement, Daley has been the subject of a social media backlash.

Poll: ’Just Kidding’ No Longer Makes it OK to Text or Post Slurs

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
In a shift in attitude, most young people now say it’s wrong to use racist or sexist slurs online, even if you’re just kidding. But when they see them, they don’t take much personal offense.

Poll: Overweight People, Gays Slammed Most Online

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
Most teens and young adults on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites see them at least sometimes: slurs, offensive images or mean-spirited video clips that stigmatize groups of people.

Facebook: Governments Demanded Data on 38K Users

By Matt Apuzzo | Tuesday Aug 27, 2013
Government agents in 74 countries demanded information on about 38,000 Facebook users in the first half of this year, with about half the orders coming from authorities in the United States, the company said Tuesday.

New Laws Kick In Around Nation On July 1

By Michelle Price | Monday Jul 1, 2013
Around the nation, July 1 marks the start of new fiscal years and the date recently passed legislation goes into effect, although states often mark their independence by enacting new regulations on their own calendars.

Gay Couple’s High School Superlative Photo Goes Viral

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Jun 3, 2013
A superlative photo of a gay high school couple went viral over the weekend, gaining more than 100,000 likes on Tumblr.