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Falling for You: Niagara Falls Courts the LGBT Wedding Market

By David Perry | Thursday May 9, 2013
Since New York State enacted the Marriage Equality Act in 2011, Niagara Falls has seen an upswing in tourism for LGBT’ers looking for a special setting for their vows. Plan ahead, though, or things might get more than a little misty.

Same-Sex Couples Making New Wedding Rituals

By Cedar Burnett | Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
This generation’s same-sex couples are creating a new set of rites and rituals and are incorporating both old and new traditions into their wedding ceremonies.

Gay Couple Wins $100K Maine Wedding Contest

Monday Mar 25, 2013
A same-sex couple is getting their dream wedding courtesy of a Maine magazine.

Elderly Chinese Gay Couple’s Wedding Goes Viral

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Feb 7, 2013
Two elderly gay men in China tied the knot recently. Their ceremony was broadcast on one of China’s most popular social media websites and the couple’s event went viral.

2013 LGBT Wedding Expo is "Destination: Brooklyn"

By Winnie McCroy | Sunday Jan 13, 2013
Over 7,000 same-sex marriages licenses were issued in New York City in the year since the State Legislature legalized same-sex marriage. Brooklyn, "lesbian capital of the world," celebrates on Jan. 18 with a LGBTQ Wedding Expo.

Annapolis, Md., Trolley Won’t Cater to Any Weddings, Joining a Handful of Business Owners in Other States

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Dec 28, 2012
Citing same-sex marriage, the owner of a quaint trolley in Maryland, will no longer lease to any wedding parties. His is the latest of a handful of religious-based such actions in states where same-sex marriage is legal.

Annapolis Business Drops Weddings

By Will O’Bryan | Tuesday Dec 18, 2012
Expanding civil marriage to include same-sex couples, specifically, is apparently beyond what Matt Grubbs can accommodate in good conscience.

LGBT Weddings in Tuscany, Italy

Friday Nov 16, 2012
Efffetti Weddings in Tuscany, Italy announced the availability of LGBT wedding commitment ceremonies in Italy thanks to the partnership with the team of Italian Wedding Celebrant.

Sexy and Sassy Same-Sex Wedding Invites from Alfie Cooper

Wednesday Oct 3, 2012
Alfie Cooper is a Brooklyn + Denver based wedding invitation company, offering non-traditional and creative wedding invitations with a whimsical and design-driven edge.

Married and at Home in New York State

By MEGHAN BARR, MICHAEL HILL | Tuesday Jul 24, 2012
One year ago, New York became the largest and most influential state where gay marriage is legal, raising supporters’ hopes that it would boost national momentum and pump money into the state with a flurry of weddings from Manhattan to Niagara Falls.