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Texas Paper Refuses to Run Lesbian’s Wedding Announcement

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
A Texas newspaper refused to print the wedding announcement of a lesbian couple. They say that same-sex weddings are not recognized by the state. The couple says it’s discrimination.

Sweet Seattle Celebrates Gay Marriage

By Robert Israel | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
(Gay) wedding bells are ringing in Seattle, as Washington State joined the ranks of legalized gay marriage in the U.S. this fall. A visit to this coastal city reveals why it’s such a charmer for visitors and locals alike.

Saying "I Do" -- Again and Again

By | Tuesday Jun 25, 2013
Married and Counting’s Stephen Mosher shares his thoughts on an adventure about love, commitment and the universal right to marry.

Planning the Perfect Wedding, With a Little Help

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jun 25, 2013
Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of work, and EDGE wouldn’t think of letting you go it alone! From officiants to caterers, florist to bakers to your bachelor party, we’ve made it our business to make sure your special day is one of a kind!

Proposition Love Puts a Ring On It

By David Perry | Friday Jun 21, 2013
Inspired by the ups and downs of the LGBT community’s right to marry, one couple has turned adversity into a celebration worthy of a little bling.

Saying ’No’ to the Dress

By Antoinette Weil | Sunday Jun 9, 2013
Now that 12 states and Washington D.C. recognize gay marriage whole new crop of entrepreneurs and designers are bursting onto the wedding fashion scene, ready to meet the demand of non-traditional brides.

Put a Ring On It

By Joseph Pisani | Sunday Jun 9, 2013
Looking to pop the question but not break the bank. A few key tips can save you time, money and heartache (relationship advice not included).

Falling for You: Niagara Falls Courts the LGBT Wedding Market

By David Perry | Thursday May 9, 2013
Since New York State enacted the Marriage Equality Act in 2011, Niagara Falls has seen an upswing in tourism for LGBT’ers looking for a special setting for their vows. Plan ahead, though, or things might get more than a little misty.

Same-Sex Couples Making New Wedding Rituals

By Cedar Burnett | Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
This generation’s same-sex couples are creating a new set of rites and rituals and are incorporating both old and new traditions into their wedding ceremonies.

Gay Couple Wins $100K Maine Wedding Contest

Monday Mar 25, 2013
A same-sex couple is getting their dream wedding courtesy of a Maine magazine.