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Bent-Con Celebrates Gay Geekdom

By David Perry | Saturday Nov 30, 2013
Celebrating LGBTQ icons in the industry, both real and animated, Bent-Con is one part expo, one part networking extravaganza and the one time the LGBTQ community can as a whole joyously expose the world to its full-frontal nerdity.

New ’X-Man’ Character Identifies as Gay

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Nov 21, 2013
Comic books have been progressive when it comes to LGBT visibility and Marvel Entertainment recently announced that a new character in the "Uncanny X-Men" series would identify as gay.

Does Apple Think LGBT Comics Are Inappropriate?

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday May 29, 2013
Apple apparently ordered a comic book app to cut 56 comics, including some LGBT comics, from its app store because they do not meet the computer company’s guidelines.

Archie Comics’ Gay Kiss a Poke at Real Controversy

By Matt Moore | Monday May 20, 2013
Archie Comics’ upcoming issue centering around the comic’s gay character pokes fun at conservative groups that have criticized the series’ attempt to tackle LGBT issues.

DC Comics Reveals First Transgender/Bisexual Character

By Jason St. Amand | Saturday Apr 13, 2013
DC Comics announced that they introduced their first transgender character in a new issue of "Batgirl."

Batwoman Proposes to Girlfriend in New Comic

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Feb 22, 2013
Gay comic fans may be excited to learn that Batwoman will be proposing to her secret girlfriend in the comic series’ upcoming issue.

DC Comics Criticized For Hiring Anti-Gay Superman Author

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Feb 14, 2013
Fans and LGBT activist are outraged over DC Comic’s decision to hire an anti-gay author to write the first comic of the new Superman series.

George Takei Beams into Archie’s Riverdale

By Matt Moore | Tuesday Dec 4, 2012
Actor and equal rights advocate George Takei is crossing a new frontier this week by appearing as himself in an issue in issue No. 6 of Archie Comics’ "Kevin Keller," a series about Riverdale’s only gay teenager.

Spandex: The First All Gay Superhero Team

By Justin Wyse | Sunday Jul 1, 2012
Attention all superhero fans: introducing Spandex, the world’s first all gay superhero team. Created by Martin Eden and released in May, the UK has brought the world a truly unique comic book series.

Ohio Gay Couple Has NYC Wedding Based on Gay Superhero Comic

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Jun 22, 2012
A gay couple from Ohio recently got married in an iconic comic book store in New York City to honor the latest "X-Men" comic, which centers around a same-sex wedding.