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Gay Mass. Congressional Contender Skips GOP Convention

Friday Mar 21, 2014
Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei (tih-SAY’) says he will skip this weekend’s state GOP convention because of the socially conservative platform the party’s state committee adopted.

NOM Leader Slams Out Republican Politician for Holding Hands With Partner

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Feb 21, 2014
The head of the National Organization for Marriage wrote a blog post, slamming openly gay San Diego Republican Carl DeMaio for holding his partner’s hand and for being a "homosexual activist."

GOProud Co-Founder Resigns Over CPAC Comprimise

By EDGE | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
A little over a month after GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia announced he was quitting the Republican party, Chris Barron who founded the arch-conservative gay political organization with him in 2009 announced he was stepping down from the board.

3 Gay Republicans Trying to Make Election History

By Steve Peoples | Sunday Jan 19, 2014
Three gay Republicans must unseat a Democratic incumbent, overcome brushes with hate and confront passionate divisions within the GOP about the way they live their lives.

GOProud Co-Founder Quits GOP, Cites ’Tolerance of Bigotry’

By EDGE | Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
Citing dissatisfaction with big-government conservatives and bigots within the Republican Party, Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of arch-conservative Republican gay organization GOProud, announced that he has changed his voter registration to independent.

Gay, Republican and Now Mayor of Atlantic City

By Wayne Parry | Wednesday Jan 1, 2014
What do you call a gay Republican who obsesses about street sweepers, frets that the city’s business isn’t conducted in enough languages and toys with the idea of giving free land to the poor to get it back on the tax rolls?

Out GOP Candidate Wins Atlantic City Mayoral Race

Wednesday Nov 6, 2013
Republican Don Guardian won an upset victory in Atlantic City’s mayoral race Tuesday over longtime incumbent Democrat Lorenzo Langford.

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Controversial Carl DeMaio for Congress

By Michael Cox | Saturday Jul 13, 2013
The Log Cabin Republicans announced that its board of directors has endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress. DeMaio, a gay Republican, is running to be the next Congressman in California’s 52nd Congressional District.

Wyoming Lawmakers See Movement on Gay Issues

By Ben Neary | Tuesday Feb 5, 2013
In the ultra conservative state of Wyoming, Republican lawmakers are beginning to show support on LGBT issues.

House Adopts GOP Rules After Partisan Debate

By Larry Margasak | Friday Jan 4, 2013
The House on Thursday adopted Republican-written rules for the chamber that reflect the party’s efforts to cut spending, stop government regulations and oppose same-sex marriage.