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’Star Wars: Episode VII’ Cast Unveiled

By Jake Coyle | Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
"Star Wars: Episode VII" finally has its stars. May the Force be with them.

Star Wars: Frames

By Kevin Taft | Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
The latest collection of "Star Wars" art compiles all six films into an elaborate picture book comprised of hundreds of frames selected by George Lucas himself.

Star Wars Art: Concept

By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Oct 15, 2013
The latest in the series of coffee table books dedicated to the art of the "Star Wars" universe, "Star Wars Art: Concept" offers a look at designs created by artists before the films, video games, and TV shows were ever made.

The Making Of Return Of The Jedi

By Kevin Taft | Wednesday Oct 2, 2013
J.W. Rinzler’s comprehensive look at the final film in the most popular trilogy of all time is so chock-full of facts, fun, and pictures it would take you a "thousand years" to digest it all!

Let The Gay Force Be With You

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Jan 17, 2013
Star Wars officials announced that its new video game will allow players to have some characters engaged in a same-sex relationship.

Homotech: Gay-Friendly Gaming Companies Resist the Right

By Shaun Knittel | Monday Apr 16, 2012
Electronic Arts will not censor its game despite thousands of letters complaining of LGBT inclusion. While one right winger warns of RuPaul as Darth Vader, video games are as unsuccessful a target as JC Penney & Starbucks.

Behind the Emmy-Winning ’Star Wars Uncut’

Thursday Sep 16, 2010
Casey Pugh, creator of the Emmy Award winning project "Star Wars Uncut," spoke with Shira Lazar on the inception of the idea to the execution of the final product.

Gay Days at Disney’s Hollywood Studios :: June 4, 2010

Friday Jun 4, 2010
It’s always an odd conjunction when Star Wars Weekend meets Gay Days at Disney’s Hollywood Studios - but the crowds at the park don’t seem to mind. Here’s our album of all things fabulous at Disney’s movie park. May the (gay) force be with you!
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