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Gay? Mormon? Affirmation Can Help

By Christiana Lilly | Sunday Apr 20, 2014
As a junior at Brigham Young University, John Gustav-Wrathall was struggling with his sexuality, he was suicidal, and devastated over the idea of leaving behind the Mormon church that had been his entire life.

LGBT Activists Protest Homophobic Harlem Church

By EDGE | Monday Mar 31, 2014
Over fifty LGBT activists protested for over an hour in the rain Saturday outside ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, demanding that the church’s pastor, James David Manning, emerge and administer the stonings that his public sign recently called for

Out of the Shadows, Into the Light :: Italian Gays Bask in the ’Francis Effect’

By Kilian Melloy | Sunday Mar 30, 2014
Catholic pontiffs have been outspokenly anti-gay in recent decades. Under Pope Francis, that might be changing -- and for GLTB Catholics, life is already getting better.

Churches Withhold Funding Over Fears Of Gay Inclusive Hiring

By Dylan Lovan | Friday Mar 7, 2014
Uncertainty over a short-lived proposal to open employment to gays at Kentucky’s largest private child care agency prompted many of its supportive churches to withhold giving last year, causing a multi-million dollar shortfall.

Uganda May Cut Ties With Church of England Over Gay Rights

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 3, 2014
Shortly after Uganda passed the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 (formerly known as the "Kill the Gays Bill"), the country has announced that they may break away from the Church of England over that body’s stance on gay rights.

Go Without God, Says Catholic Priest to Missouri Lesbian

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
A Missouri lesbian couple said their Catholic priest denied them communion, because they are gay.

Church Flier Targets Indiana Gay Marriage Amendment With Dire Predictions

Saturday Dec 14, 2013
A prominent Indiana conservative group has distributed a flier to churches making dire predictions if a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage isn’t adopted.

Life After Westboro with Megan and Grace Phelps

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 31, 2013
Last November Megan & Grace Phelps-Roper put away their "God Hates Fags" signs forever. Now the granddaughters of Pastor Fred Phelps of the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church apologize for how their picketing inflicted so much pain.

Gay Man Not Welcome to Volunteer at Canadian Church

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Sep 25, 2013
A Canadian church has allegedly fired a college student from his volunteering job because he is gay.

Tampa Church Evicts Boy Scout Troop for Refusing to Ban Gay Scouts

Thursday Aug 29, 2013
A Tampa church has told a Boy Scout troop that won’t renew its sponsorship because of the national organization’s decision not to ban openly gay Scouts.