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Colorado Won't See Gay Marriage Yet

Friday Aug 22, 2014
A federal appeals court on Thursday extended a stay on a ruling from last month that found the state's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.

Gay Perverts Will Drive Christians Out of Biz, Says Robertson

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jul 31, 2014
Pat Robertson started the week off with a bang when he said on 7/29 that the gay community would drive Christians out of business and make America a "perverse" place ripe for destruction.

Top Colorado Court Halts Gay Marriages in Boulder

By Ivan Moreno | Wednesday Jul 30, 2014
Boulder County must stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while the Colorado Supreme Court considers an appeal from the state's attorney general, justices said in a ruling Tuesday.

Colorado Gay Marriage Ban Struck, Appeal Awaits

Thursday Jul 24, 2014
For years, gay rights activists in Colorado repeatedly said it would only be a matter of time before they would be allowed to marry.

Federal Judge to Rule on Colorado Gay Marriage Ban

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014
A federal judge in Denver is expected to rule Wednesday whether Colorado's same-sex marriage ban should be overturned immediately, or if the issue should be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Strikes Down Colo. Gay Marriage Ban, Stays Ruling

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014
A federal judge in Denver has declared Colorado's gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but he issued a temporary stay of the ruling until an appeals court hearing next month.

Colorado's Gay Marriage Ban Heads to Federal Court

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
A Denver federal judge is set to hear arguments Tuesday from six gay couples seeking to overturn Colorado's same-sex marriage ban.

Top Colorado Court Halts Gay Marriages, Citing Ban

Friday Jul 18, 2014
Colorado's Supreme Court on Friday ordered Denver's clerk to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while while the state's ban against the unions remains in place.

Federal Judge Considers Colorado Gay Marriage Case

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Another round of legal wrangling over the future of gay marriage in Colorado is scheduled Tuesday in Denver, this time in federal court.

Colorado AG Appeals Adverse Gay Marriage Rulings

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Colorado's attorney general said Monday that it's only a matter of time until gay marriage is legal in his state, but he'll continue to defend his state's ban on the practice all the way to the state Supreme Court.