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Navajo Nation Wants to Ditch Junk Food

By Felicia Fonseca | Thursday Apr 24, 2014
Facing a high prevalence of diabetes, many American Indian tribes are returning to their roots with community and home gardens, cooking classes that incorporate traditional foods, and running programs to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Effort To Repeal Tribe’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Energized By Court’s Decisions

Monday Jan 6, 2014
An effort to repeal the Navajo Nation’s same-sex marriage ban has been energized by decisions in some states to allow such unions.

Navajo Nation Calls Out Urban Outfitters for Navajo Undies

By FELICIA FONSECA | Wednesday Oct 19, 2011
Urban Outfitters’ line of Navajo-branded clothing and accessories has set off a firestorm online and within the Navajo Nation government, with allegations of trademark violations and criticism of the products.

Gay Navajo man poised to join Ariz. Senate

By Shaun Knittel | Wednesday Sep 1, 2010
Former Arizona Rep. Jack Jackson, Jr., is poised to join the state Senate after he defeated his two primary opponents on Aug. 24. He would become the fifth LGBT legislator in Phoenix if voters elect him on Nov. 2.
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