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Anti-Gay Protester Gets a Mothers’ Day Slushie to the Face

By Jason St. Amand | Monday May 12, 2014
An anti-gay demonstrator in Michigan, who held a sign on Mothers Day that read, "Thank your mom today for not being gay," got Glee’d by another woman.

’Jesus Would Stone Homos’ Says Harlem Pastor

By Winnie McCroy | Sunday Mar 23, 2014
A Harlem pastor who called for the stoning of homosexuals via the marquee in front of his church has since clarified that he did not intend to incite anyone to violence -- although that’s what Jesus would want.

Bible of the Right Concedes on Gay Marriage

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Mar 18, 2013
The National Review, the venerable journal founded by William F. Buckley, has been moving closer & closer to accepting marriage equality as a reality.

On Bourbon Street, Party But Don’t Preach at Night

By Janet McConnaughey | Monday Sep 17, 2012
Two weeks ago, a small group of street preachers were arrested during a gay pride festival, perhaps the first people to be booked under a nearly year-old ordinance against aggressive solicitation on Bourbon Street.

The Lord Acts in Mysterious Ways: Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested While Southern Decadence Bathes in Sunshine

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Sep 5, 2012
Thanks to a new New Orleans law, nine preachers were arrested during the city’s massive Southern Decadence for holding anti-gay demonstrations. Meanwhile, despite the rantings of online preachers, the sun shone all weekend on the revelers.

North Miami Pastor Jack Hakimian Says He’s Not Anti-Gay

By Gideon Grudo | Wednesday Jul 18, 2012
Hakimian said that homosexuality is not high on his list of priorities, but had to begin dealing with it as it entered the public realm more and more - he had people asking him about the issue.

Gay-Friendly Texas Church Breaks Away From Baptist Convention

By Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 15, 2010
A Texas church that had been in trouble with its denomination in the past for its friendly stance toward gays has broken away rather than exclude its LGBT parishioners.
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