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Seeming Paradox: Jobs Added While Unemployment Rises

Sunday Mar 9, 2014
The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs in February, a respectable gain that nearly matched the average monthly increase for the past two years. Yet the unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent.

Bad Weather Not So Tough on Jobs, Hiring

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Saturday Mar 8, 2014
Last month’s harsh winter weather cut across the U.S. economy, closing factories, canceling flights and keeping shoppers home. Employers, though, kept hiring.

Limbaugh Concludes: Trayvon was a Gay Basher

By Michael Cox | Thursday Jul 18, 2013
Feeding off of Rachel Jeantel’s comments on CNN, Rush Limbaugh concluded that Martin was shot because he was a "gay basher," and the shooting occurred because of "the Obama economy."

Given 2nd Term, Obama Now Facing New Urgent Task

By Nancy Benac and Nedra Pickler | Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
President Barack Obama faces a new urgent task now that he has a second term, working with a status-quo Congress to address an impending financial crisis that economists say could send the country back into recession.

US Consumer Confidence at Highest Since 2008

By MARCY GORDON | Monday Nov 5, 2012
Americans’ confidence in the economy surged last month to the highest level in nearly five years, as many were encouraged by an improving job market.

Is it Just the Economy? Other Issues May Play Role

By Jim Kuhnhenn | Tuesday Jul 17, 2012
As the economy colors and polarizes voters’ attitudes, the Election Day outcome for President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney may be decided on the margins by narrower issues that energize small but crucial slivers of the population.

Americans Still Shopping - But a Little Bit Less

By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO | Thursday May 10, 2012
Americans are still shopping, but not as much as expected. Big retailers including Costco, Macy’s and Target reported sales in April that missed Wall Street estimates as colder temperatures and an early Easter renewed worries.

The Economy Recovers from "Freefall"

Thursday Oct 21, 2010
Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz spoke with Bill Plante about his updated "Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy" now out in paperback and revisits what’s happened to the U.S. economy in the wake of the economic recession.

Real Estate Stress Persists Through Summer

By MIKE SCHNEIDER | Wednesday Sep 8, 2010
Americans’ economic struggles persisted in July, largely unchanged from the previous month, according to The Associated Press’ monthly analysis of conditions around the country.

American Shoppers Remain Cautious in July

By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO | Wednesday Aug 4, 2010
Worried about the stalling economic recovery, Americans remained reluctant to spend at stores in July, especially on pricier items like jewelry, though they let go of some money for travel, according to data released Wednesday.