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Is Eating Vegan a Drag? Ask Mistress Ginger

By EDGE | Thursday May 15, 2014
Who says a vegan diet is a drag? Mistress Ginger offers up dozens of delicious and healthy recipes like French Kissed Toast, Pound-Me Cake and more.

Southern Delights to Vegan Decadence: 3 Must-Have Cookbooks for Spring

By Laura Grimmer | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Spring often feels like a re-birth, and three new cookbooks are re-introducing traditional recipes and ingredients in innovative and interesting new ways.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

By EDGE | Tuesday Jan 8, 2013
Did you consume more than your fair share of turkey, roast beef and spiral ham this holiday season? Perhaps it’s time to consider "The Thirty-Day Vegan Challenge."

Unveiling the Vegan Lifestyle: Six Points to Ponder

Friday Sep 28, 2012
Dietary veganism-the practice of abstaining from eating animal products-is a lifestyle rife with mystery, myths and misconceptions, and is often erroneously regarded as a dietary regime for extremists.

Summer Heat and Drought Produce Killer Vegetables

By DINESH RAMDE | Monday Aug 6, 2012
Chef Dan Jacobs expected his recent batch of jalapeƱo poppers to be tame because peppers grown at this time of the year are generally mild. But he quickly discovered that his spicy appetizer carried an unexpected fire.

Lisa Bloom Isn’t Impressed by Your ’Swagger’

By Chris Sosa | Saturday Jun 2, 2012
Lisa Bloom, the fiery civil rights attorney, television legal contributor, and best-selling author, talks to EDGE about her new book, thug culture, the importance of reading, and animal welfare.

Ellen and Her Road to Veganism

By MICHELE KAYAL | Wednesday May 2, 2012
Ellen DeGeneres may be an outspoken vegan today, but a life without meat or dairy wasn’t always easy for her to, er... digest. Raised in New Orleans and Texas, the talk show host says she always had a healthy appetite for sausage-laden red beans and rice.

The Best of the Gays: Bartenders, Food, and Drinks

By Matthew S. Bajko | Tuesday Apr 10, 2012
The winners for bartending, food, and drinks are crowned in Bay Area Reporter’s second annual Best of the Gays readers poll.

Sinatra’s Twin Palms in Palm Springs to Host Benefit for Chinese Moon Bears

Wednesday Sep 21, 2011
Frank Sinatra’s historic Twin Palms residence will provide the setting for a glamorous evening event to benefit the Hong Kong based charity, Animals Asia, on Thursday, September 29.

NYC Vegan Weekend on a Budget

Friday Jun 3, 2011
A new short video explores some cheap and yummy vegan eats throughout the Big Apple - as well as cheap (or free!) cultural happenings around town, creating a perfect New York City vegan weekend on a budget.