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Perfect Cowboy

By Jake Mulligan | Tuesday Sep 23, 2014
This movie provides us with a trip into a subculture as-of-yet unexplored -- and that counts for nearly as much as strong craftsmanship would have.

Gaming In Color

By Jake Mulligan | Monday Sep 22, 2014
"Gaming in Color" needs an upgrade - let me know when they fix the bugs and release Volume Two.


By Jake Mulligan | Saturday Sep 20, 2014
Based on this film's maudlin tone, half-hearted star performances, and unearned sentiment on display here, director Patrik Ian-Polk is no Lee Daniels.

Vicky - The Gay Gene Comes To Australia

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
"It's going to take religious people to undo the harm that religious people have done," Bishop Gene Robinson says in this documentary. "And it goes way beyond 'tolerance.' "

Drunktown's Finest

By Roger Walker-Dack | Friday Sep 19, 2014
It's a tough life for three twenty-somethings in a Navajo community in New Mexico, as they search for love and acceptance in a town that has gained notoriety for having one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse in the country.

Power Erotic

By Louise Adams | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Lawrence Ferrara's home movie-feeling documentary is a kind of gay(er) "Fight Club," sharing how and why men seek out and play with power, status and dominance.


By Jake Mulligan | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
"Ever" doesn't feel crafted so much as recorded - but lead actress Wendy McColm is worth recording.

What It Was

By Jake Mulligan | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
The purpose of the film's construction seems to be that it allows Armando to turn this film into an 85-minute music video.

Saugatuck Cures

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
Writer Jay Paul Deratany and director Matthew Ladensack co-opt a whole bunch of tactics from the homophobes' handbook for their road movie about a pair of scam artists looking to cash in on gullible religious guys looking to pray their gay away.

Max And The Others

By Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
This documentary by Richard Rossmann is a mixed bag, but it does provide a glimpse into the Berlin leather scene and a good look at the ups and downs of a bi-national, transgenerational relationship.