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Germany Approves Bill to Protect Male Circumcision

By Frank Jordans | Thursday Dec 13, 2012
German lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that explicitly permits male infant circumcision, ending months of legal uncertainty after a court ruling that the practice amounts to bodily harm led to an outcry from Jewish and Muslim groups.

Element to Open First Hotel in Europe

Thursday Dec 13, 2012
Scheduled to open in 2014, Element Frankfurt Airport marks the much-anticipated European debut of the trailblazing eco-wise brand.

Hanover Completes Hotel Redesign of Artists’ Paint and Ink Factory

Monday Nov 26, 2012
The elegant red brick building built in 1906 was revolutionary in its time because of the reinforced concrete building structure which provided large bright spaces and ideal working conditions for employees.

Berlin’s Restaurants Reach for More Michelin Stars

Monday Nov 19, 2012
Berlin is Germany’s gourmet capital, with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the country. The 2013 Michelin Guide awarded twelve Berlin restaurants with the prestigious stars, including four two-star establishments.

New Graphic and Industrial Design Magazine Launches

Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
The Munich-based publishing house DETAIL, which specialises in architecture, is publishing a new design magazine: "GRID - Graphic + Industrial Design".

Simple Luxury: The New Face of Hostels in Germany

Sunday Oct 21, 2012
What a surprise if you walked into the lobby of some hostels in Germany and saw families, business travelers, and young people from all over the world in a modern setting that looked like a brand new designer hotel.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Urges Gay Soccer Player To Come Out

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Sep 19, 2012
After an anonymous German professional soccer player told a magazine he was gay, the country’s chancellor is urging him to come out by saying, "You need not fear."

Strasbourg, France: City of Empires

Sunday Sep 16, 2012
Roman outpost, centre of the Frankish Empire, French and German province, Strasbourg was already European some two thousand years ago, when it was the Roman military outpost Argentoratum, or silver fort, and lay between two branches of the river Ill.

Cruising on the Romantic Rhine River

By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO | Wednesday Sep 12, 2012
After returning from a cruise on the legendary Rhine, I’m happily considering trips to other iconic waterways such as the Danube for next year. Sure, there were a few wrinkles, but they didn’t take away from what I found was a charming experience.

Germany: Conservatives Back Gay Couple Tax Breaks

Tuesday Aug 7, 2012
A group of lawmakers from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party is calling for same-sex couples in civil partnerships to be given the same tax breaks as heterosexual married couples.