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How Having A Cat Can Be Like Dating A Femme

By Sylvia Rodemeyer | Sunday Aug 3, 2014
Cats. Femmes. Whichever you might end up with, they have a lot in common...

Two Brits Catch TB From Pet Cat

By APNewsNow | Friday Mar 28, 2014
Your worst fears come to life, gays: pussy really can kill you! Two Brits catch TB from their pet cat.

Cat Rescued After 3 Winter Days in Ohio Drainpipe

Sunday Jan 12, 2014
A cat that spent at least three winter days in a northwest Ohio drainpipe has been rescued after initially refusing attempts to lure it out with tuna, the classic call of "here, kitty, kitty" and even a cellphone app that meowed.

Pets Provide Health Benefits for People Living with HIV

By Steve Weinstein | Friday Nov 1, 2013
Pets provide companionship, they relieve stress and provide unconditional love - in both directions.

Less is more :: a scaled-down, smashing ’Cats’ takes Chicago

By Joseph Erbentraut | Thursday Jan 6, 2011
Director/choreographer Brenda Didier has shoe-horned the Andrew Lloyd-Webber spectacle Cats into the 60-seat Theo Ubique. The result is a sensational hit. EDGE spoke to Didier about her vision, the show’s bad rep and having a hit.
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