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Molecule-R: A Scientific Experiment in the Kitchen

By Matthew Wexler | Thursday Feb 28, 2013
Molecule-R offers the adventurous home cook an opportunity to experiment with his or her selection of molecular gastronomy kits that will have one bubbling, extracting and emulsifying in no time.

Austrian Christmas Butter Cookies

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
Vanillekipferl have always been a favorite Christmas cookie of Austrians.Here is one Austrian grandmother’s recipe, which is easy to make and really delicious. (They also make a great holiday present for friends and family. We’re just sayin’...)

The Van Akens Co-Author "My Key West Kitchen"

Thursday Dec 13, 2012
Long before Jimmy Buffett wrote "Margaritaville" about Key West, James Beard award-winning chef Norman Van Aken had already pledged allegiance to the magical little scrap of land at the end of the rainbow

A Bengali Culinary Journey with New Cookbook

Sunday Nov 11, 2012
Bengalis are one of the most food and culture obsessed people in India. They are commonly compared to the French in that regard, as dining and entertaining are such an integral part of their culture.

A Culinary Day Trip from Quebec City to Charlevoix

By Richard Frisbie | Friday Oct 26, 2012
Charlevoix, Canada, a picturesque landscape on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, is destined to become the next "hot" foodie destination. Located east of Quebec City, Charlevoix is in a 350 million year old meteorite crater.

Debut Book by Two Michelin-Starred Chef Sat Bains

Thursday Oct 25, 2012
The eagerly anticipated literary debut from chef Sat Bains reveals the first insight into the food and philosophies of the two Michelin-starred chef. "Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian" follows the celebrated tasting menu format of Restaurant Sat Bains.

Star Chefs Turn to Mexican Haute Cuisine

By ADRIANA GOMEZ LICON | Thursday Sep 13, 2012
Christopher Kostow, whose restaurant in Napa Valley has three Michelin stars, wanted to sample the diversity of the country’s ingredients: gray oysters from Baja California, lychee-like hairy rambutan from southern Chiapas, and bags of red flying ants.

’True Blood’ Cookbook Full of Crimson Delicacies

By STACEY PLAISANCE | Tuesday Sep 11, 2012
"True Blood" fans can soon concoct their own blood-red beet bisque, crimson sweet tea and other Cajun delicacies inspired by the hit HBO vampire drama and compiled in a new cookbook.

Second Annual Mexican Culinary Festival to Be Held in Los Cabos

Friday Aug 24, 2012
One&Only Palmilla will host its Second Annual Mexican Culinary Festival November 7-11, 2012, featuring some of Mexico’s most talented chefs and highlighting wines from the Guadalupe Valley.

Cook Like a Frenchman

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Aug 22, 2012
Those in the know are keenly aware that Laurent Gras, the former chef of Chicago’s L20, where Gras earned an unprecedented three Michelin stars in 2010, is a master of French technique and modern interpretation.