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To Russia With Love: Pat Buchanan Continues Bromance with Putin

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Apr 4, 2014
While world leaders are decrying Russian President Vladmir Putin for his country’s crackdown on gay rights and recent annexation of Crimea, conservative pundit and former GOP presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan seems to have nothing but praise.

Biden Pushes for ENDA, Blasts Human Rights Abuses

By Winnie McCroy | Sunday Mar 23, 2014
At a Human Rights Campaign Gala this weekend in Los Angeles, Vice President Joe Biden delivered a powerful speech to 1,000 guests, putting the world on blast for human rights abuses by focusing on the floundering Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively: Putin is ’Defender of Human Rights’

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Mar 13, 2014
Anti-gay pastor Scott Lively stepped up to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a "defender of true human rights" for his recent decisions to target the LGBT community and to invade Ukraine.

Obama, Putin: Starkly Differing Views on Ukraine

Sunday Mar 2, 2014
President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, strongly disagree over what’s at stake in the Ukraine crisis.

Hundreds of Gunmen Surround Ukraine Military Base

By Dalton Bennett & David McHugh | Sunday Mar 2, 2014
Hundreds of armed men in trucks and armored vehicles surrounded a Ukrainian military base Sunday in Crimea, blocking its soldiers from leaving. The outnumbered Ukrainians placed a tank at the base’s gate, leaving the two sides in a tense standoff.

Putin Asks Parliament To Use Military in Ukraine

By David McHugh and Vladimir Isachenkov | Saturday Mar 1, 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin asked parliament Saturday for permission to use the country’s military in Ukraine, moving to formalize troop deployments that Ukrainian officials have described as an ongoing invasion of the strategic region of Crimea.

Medic: 70 Protesters Killed, 500 Wounded in Kiev

By Yuras Karmanau | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
Protesters tossed firebombs and advanced upon police lines Thursday in Ukraine’s embattled capital. Government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor.

Obama Threatens Consequences for Ukraine Violence

By Jim Kuhnhenn | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
President Barack Obama urged Ukraine to avoid violence against peaceful protesters or face consequences, as the U.S, considered joining European partners to impose sanctions aimed at ending deadly street clashes that are sparking fears of civil war.

Ukraine Crisis Felt Among Athletes at Olympics

By Angela Charlton and Tim Dahlberg | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
Others tried to keep it from him, but Dmytro Mytsak knew what had happened before he took to the slopes.

Radicals a Wild Card in Ukraine’s Protests

By Yuras Karmanau | Sunday Feb 2, 2014
Wearing masks, helmets and protective gear on the arms and legs, radical activists are the wild card of the Ukraine protests now starting their third month, declaring they’re ready to resume violence if the stalemate persists.