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By Michael Cox | Friday Oct 4, 2013
"Hombres" by Joan Crisol is 81 pages of underwear, swimwear and athletic wear, modeled by absurdly chiseled European men in exotic, Spanish settings. It’s all the most flammable ingredients, yet nothing seems to catch fire.

Capolavoro di Uomo: Masterpiece of Man

By Michael Cox | Monday Sep 30, 2013
"Capolavoro di Uomo: Masterpiece of Man" is an art gallery of some of the world’s most intriguing and diverse gay erotic art, from 46 artists. What makes this collection so becoming is the way the artists take us into the secret realms of unique desire.

Killing His Darlings :: ’Boystown’ Scribe Marshall Thornton on ’Murder Book’

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday May 9, 2013
A series of mystery novels centered around a gay sleuth that delivers both thrills and heartbreak is like the Spanish Inquisition: To reference Monty Python, no one expects it. Author Marshall Thornton chatted with EDGE about the new novel, "Murder Book."

At Last, Kevin Killian’s ’Spreadeagle’

By John F. Karr | Thursday May 2, 2013
Describing Kevin Killian’s novel "Spreadeagle" as long-awaited isn’t, for once, a cliche. He started writing it in 1990, and even when he thought he’d finished the book, he found it facing a long and beleaguered road to publication.

2 Moms Book Back on Utah School District’s Shelves

Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
A book about a lesbian couple raising children has returned to a Utah school district’s library shelves, amid a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Home for the Holidays Gift Guide 2012

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Nov 28, 2012
If you’re looking for gifts that might last a little longer than a bottle of bubby, then you could do worse than peruse some of the selections from this year’s "Home for the Holidays" gift guide.

"Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" Now Available

Sunday Nov 18, 2012
"The Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" is the first Dummies reference guide to comprehensively address the legal issues facing the LGBT Community, including estate planning, marriage equality, adoption, surrogacy, artificial insemination, immigration, hous

After Twenty Years, "In The Life" Ends as of December 2012

Saturday Sep 22, 2012
Much has changed since IN THE LIFE first premiered. LGBT people now figure prominently in television news and media. A majority of Americans, including the President, now support marriage equality.

The Seven Wonders

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Jun 1, 2012
"Roma Sub Rosa" author Steven Saylor returns readers to the world of Ancient Rome and the adventures of Gordianus the Finder with "The Seven Wonders," a novel comprised of eight closely interlocking short stories.

Basement Of Wolves

By Kilian Melloy | Friday May 4, 2012
Like "Krakow Melt," Cox’s last novel, "Basement of Wolves" creates an artistic vision from bits and scraps of pop culture, and is doused in a kind of wry wit that teeters on the edge of an existential freakout.