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Canadian Man Raped and Robbed by Grindr Hook Up in Philadelphia

By EDGE | Friday Apr 11, 2014
A Canadian man visiting Philadelphia got more than he expected when he logged onto Grinder, Wednesday. The expected tryst turned into a harrowing experience that included a sexual assault at gunpoint and $3,000 in theft.

On Grindr: Closeted Discrimination Within the Gay Community

By Michael Bennett | Thursday Apr 3, 2014
The first thing I vividly remember about joining the gay community was a series of messages on Grindr - a virtual world of avatars, most of which strive to project that they possess the qualities of the ideal, desirable gay man.

Grindr Now An STD Outreach Tool

By Seth Hemelgarn | Sunday Mar 23, 2014
San Mateo County health workers have been creating fake profiles on the online hookup application Grindr to encourage more men who have sex with men to get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Out Dutch Politicians Campaign on Grindr

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Mar 6, 2014
Two out politicians from Amsterdam have taken their campaigns to a new level: they have created profiles on the popular gay hookup app, Grindr.

Up All Night to Get Lucky? - Sexy or Obsessive?

By Vince Pellegrino | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
With today’s technology, most everyone is cruising on the internet on Manhunt or Grindr, among a varied choice of other sites toward getting lucky; choosing their computer rather than the bar to reach their personal goal.

UK Warns Adults About Underage Teens on Hookup Apps

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency issued a warning to adults to be careful they are not hooking up with teenagers when using dating applications, like Grindr.

MISTER Named ’Gay App of the Year’ at NYC’s Odyssey Awards

By EDGE | Wednesday Jan 8, 2014
MISTER, the gay app for grown men, has been named the Best Gay Adult App by Odyssey Magazine. The fast-growing gay app, which targets men in their thirties and over, beat out more established apps like Scruff and Grindr for the award.

Murdered Ann Arbor Man Met Hookups on Grindr

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
Ann Arbor police have arrested three men in the murder of 71-year-old David Maurer, who met them on Grindr before they allegedly robbed and killed him.

Apple OKs New LGBT Social Networking App for 12 & Up

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Dec 16, 2013
LGBT social media (dating) apps, like Grindr and Scruff, are about to get a new competitor: - "the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for 12-year-olds and older."

’The Daily Show’ Takes on Grindr and Bi-Partisan Curious Republicans

By EDGE | Thursday Oct 10, 2013
The term "bipartisan curious" entered the cultural lexicon Wednesday night during "The Daily Show"’s latest edition of "Shutstorm 2013," the popular late night comedy news program’s ongoing coverage of the government shutdown.