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Christian Activists: Children Better Off Orphans Than With Gay Parents

By EDGE | Monday Apr 21, 2014
The religious right’s love affair with the anti-gay policies of Russian President Vladmir Putin continued Sunday on the weekly edition of ABC’s "This Week" when a panel of mostly conservative commentators supported the ban on gay adoption in Russia.

Pat Robertson: It’s OK for Christians to Be Friends With Artsy Gays

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Apr 17, 2014
Good news! According to televangelist Pat Robertson, although gays are bound to end up spending an eternity in hell, if you’re a faithful Christian who happens to be friend with one, you won’t incur the wrath of the almighty.

Tennessee’s Bully Psalm: ’The Lord Is My Lawyer, I Shall Not Want’

By EDGE | Thursday Mar 27, 2014
God could end up being the lawyer for Tennessee students interested in bullying LGBT peers while shirking their responsibility to learn real science.

Religious Groups Join, Fight Gay Marriage in Court

By Brady McCombs | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
A coalition of religious organizations has come together to urge a federal appeals court to uphold same-sex marriage bans in Utah and Oklahoma, saying unions between a man and woman are best for children, families and society.

Anti-Gay Religious Group: Ill. Marriage Equality Bill Caused Tornados

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
An anti-gay religious group is blaming Illinois’ marriage equality bill for the tornados that struck the state last weekend.

Gay Rights Ordinance in Texas Draws GOP Objections

By Paul J. Weber | Wednesday Sep 4, 2013
Gay rights victories in Texas haven’t come at the Capitol but at city hall. While nondiscrimination bills in the Legislature languish without even a hearing, Houston has a lesbian mayor and Austin offers health benefits for same-sex couples.

Conservative PAC Issues Warning Over White House Pride Month Ceremony

By EDGE | Monday Jun 17, 2013
Members of a religious conservative political action committee issued a warning today to President Obama over last week’s ceremony marking LGBT Pride Month, threatening that "his goal of normalizing homosexuality in America" would not go unpunished."

Colorado Springs: Gay Life Thrives in Religious Right’s Capital

By Conswella Bennett | Monday Jul 30, 2012
Despite the proliferation of Bible-thumping groups like Focus on the Family and The Family Research Institute, Colorado Springs is growing a strong LGBT community.

US Religious Right Presses Anti-Gay Laws in Africa

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012
A new report says conservative U.S. Christian groups are setting up fronts in Africa to fight for anti-gay and anti-abortion legislation.

GOP Candidates’ Iowa Hangout’s Secret: Founder Molested Male Employees

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday Dec 31, 2011
With its emphasis on Christian prayer, local Iowa fast-food chain Pizza Ranch is the favorite hangout of GOP candidates before the caucuses. But the restaurants have a dirty little secret: The founder was jailed for sexually abusing his male employees.