Topics :: fiction

The Bone Clocks

By Daniel Scheffler | Tuesday Sep 2, 2014
A sextet of fantasy adventure set across time and space.

The Kills

By Daniel Scheffler | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
A spy thriller of epic proportions.

Educating Simon

By Christopher Verleger | Wednesday Jul 30, 2014
A brilliant London teen unwillingly relocates to Boston and makes lemonade out of life's lemons in Robin Reardon's exciting new novel.

Arts & Entertainments

By Daniel Scheffler | Friday Jul 25, 2014
A witty look at celebrity and all things we've become obsessed with.

Looking After Joey

By Christopher Verleger | Thursday Jul 24, 2014
A lonely New York accountant's world turns upside down when his favorite albeit fictitious porn star shows up on his doorstep in David Pratt's howlingly funny, heartfelt novel.

Wide Asleep

By Christopher Verleger | Thursday Jul 10, 2014
The Ballena Beach boys are back together, determined to right past wrongs and accept whatever fate has in store for them in this life.


By Daniel Scheffler | Tuesday Jul 8, 2014
A new take on dystopia -- in California, of all places.

Gay Noir, Killer ’80s :: Marshall Thornton on ’From the Ashes’

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Jul 7, 2014
Marshall Thornton has just seen Book 6 in his ’80s gay detective series published; he’s also got a new comic novel out. The versatile novelist chats with EDGE about noir, humor, and the dark days of The Plague.

Little Reef And Other Stories

By Kyle Thomas Smith | Thursday Jul 3, 2014
Michael Carroll’s debut collection of short stories seems to reflect his complex and complicated marriage to Edmund White.

Amy Falls Down

By Daniel Scheffler | Wednesday Jul 2, 2014
A small little fall can change a life. Again.