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MegaChurch Pastor Joel Osteen: ’Bible Says Homosexuality a Sin But I Won’t Preach It’

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
Televangelist Joel Osteen stopped by "Larry King Now" recently and opened up about his views on homosexuality.

Pat Robertson: Lesbian Friends Will Recruit Your Kids!

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Dec 12, 2013
Televangelist Pat Robertson warned a viewer this week that inviting a lesbian friend to her home could cause her children to "grow up as lesbians."

Televangelist Joel Osteen: God Accepts Gays

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Oct 4, 2013
Joel Osteen, one of the most popular televangelists in America, was recently interview by Huffington Post Live and told the publication that God is accepting of gays.
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