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'The Simpsons' Toast 25 Years

By Sandy Cohen | Saturday Sep 13, 2014
Bart and Lisa Simpson, Chief Wiggam and son Ralph, bartender Moe and Apu from Kwik-E-Mart came to the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate 25 years of "The Simpsons."

Margaret Cho Brings Her Mother Tour to Florida For Two Nights

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 12, 2014
Comedienne Margaret Cho has made the LGBT community laugh for over twenty years, and her tireless advocacy work has made the world a better place. She's bringing her act back to Florida.

My Old Lady

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
Great casting elevates "My Old Lady," Israel Horovitz's romantic drama about romance and real estate in Paris.

The Goldbergs - The Complete First Season

By Kevin Taft | Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
All 23 episodes of the best comedy on TV comes to DVD in all its Day-Glo color!

The Longest Week

By Jocelyn Noveck | Friday Sep 5, 2014
Jason Bateman plays a privileged, pampered, narcissistic New Yorker whose sole effort at productivity in life is his meandering work on a novel called "The Directionless Generation."

The Full Monty

By Louise Adams | Wednesday Sep 3, 2014
1997's sleeper hit about six Sheffield steelworkers on the dole who strip for brass is out for the first time on Blu-ray and features 30 minutes of deleted footage.

Life of Crime

By Charlie Nash | Friday Aug 29, 2014
As far as film adaptations of Elmore Leonard novels go, "Life of Crime" is a slight effort that doesn't reach the quality of greatness achieved in "Jackie Brown" and "Out of Sight," but the strong writing and performances still make it a fun crime romp.

The One I Love

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Aug 29, 2014
Ethan and Sophie take a retreat to a comfortable, if strange, vacation house, hoping to find one another again. They succeed... but in a way that plunges them into deep weirdness.

Red vs. Vee: An Interview with OITNB's Kate Mulgrew and Lorraine Toussaint

By Randy Shulman | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
On June 21, the cast of "Orange is the New Black" assembled in Manhattan at the delightfully eccentric Crosby Street Hotel. Out of that day came the opportunity to conduct an exclusive, in-depth Q&A with stars Selenis Leyva and Kate Mulgrew.

Fading Gigolo

By Michael Cox | Thursday Aug 21, 2014
There seems to be a secret male fantasy of being paid to have sex. In "Fading Gigolo," John Turturro brings to the screen his inconspicuous little sexual fantasy in a charming comedy with a talented cast of fellow actors.