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Male Strippers Take Down Armed Meth Head in Las Vegas Robbery

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Mar 21, 2014
The infamous male dance troupe Thunder From Down Under flexed their muscles Tuesday and prevented an alleged gun-wielding, meth-ed up thief from stealing belongings (thongs?) from the dancers’ dressing room.

Swinging Richards Wins Stunning Victory

By Jason Parsley | Tuesday Oct 16, 2012
The city council of North Miami Beach has voted unanimously to grandfather in nude dancing for Swinging Richard’s and the two straight clubs involved in the brouhaha, Dean’s Gold and G5.

Atlanta Go-Go Boy Convicted on Human Trafficking Charges

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Aug 28, 2012
A former male stripper & gogo dancer who worked the Atlanta gay club scene was convicted of human trafficking and child molestation for luring teen boys on the Internet to his home.

Tampa Gay Bars, Baths & Male Strip Clubs Welcome the (Closeted) GOP

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Aug 24, 2012
When Republicans flock to Tampa, Fla., for the Republican National Convention next week, they will have a multitude of choices for where to watch strippers or have backroom sex -- and at a discount!

The ’Xquisite’ Men of ’Magic Mike’

By Fred Topel | Wednesday Jun 27, 2012
Channing Tatum took his experiences as stripper & turned them into a movie: "Magic Mike." Set in a Tampa strip club (called Xquisite), it is one of the most anticipated of the summer. EDGE spoke to the film’s hunks Tatum, Matt Bomer & Matthew McConaughey.
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