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Center for Black Equity to Study HIV in Black MSM

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Feb 15, 2014
The Center for Black Equityand the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health are partnering on a new research project to study reasons for increased risk of HIV infection among African-American men who have sex with men.

Black Gay Activism and the Fight Against AIDS

By Marcus Scott | Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
In its second year, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem expands dialogue on the pivotal conversation of sexuality in a post HIV/AIDS epidemic America.

Black Women Battle Increasing Rate of HIV

By Conswella Bennett | Tuesday Nov 26, 2013
African American women, who account for one of the fastest-rising groups contracting HIV, are working hard to get the message out about always using protection.

2 Moroccans Tried for Homosexuality Get 4 Months

By Smail Bellaoualli | Tuesday May 21, 2013
A Moroccan court has convicted two men of homosexuality and public indecency, and sentenced each to four months in prison, in the latest case against gays in this North African nation.

Luxury Travel Through South Africa Via The Blue Train

Saturday Oct 6, 2012
The most lavish train on the planet has partnered with two special hotels in a spectacular promotion ideal for jetsetters wishing to travel South Africa in style.

African-American Pastors Rally in Support of Maryland’s Question 6

By John Riley | Tuesday Oct 2, 2012
group of prominent African-American religious leaders from Maryland, as well as other parts of the country, endorsed Maryland’s Question 6 at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington on Sept. 21.

HIV Rages Among Gay Black Men

By Bob Roehr | Tuesday Aug 7, 2012
An alarming 60 percent of black men who have sex with men in the United States will become infected with HIV by the age of 40, according to the latest research presented at the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.

For Gay Black Men, Risk of HIV/AIDS infection Is Higher Than Ever

By Sergio N. Candido | Wednesday Jul 25, 2012
HIV among gay black men is getting worse. Much worse, says Phill Wilson, founder and executive director of the Black AIDS Institute, the only organization in the country dedicated to specifically catering to HIV-positive African Americans.

Young, Black and Leading the Way

By Doug Rule | Friday Jul 13, 2012
National Youth Pride Services works with local organizations, including The DC Center, D.C.’s LGBT community center, to recruit and guide promising LGBT black youth, helping them get through college and deal with other issues via peer-to-peer mentoring.
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