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Michael Luongo’s "Sensual Travels," Gay Erotica From Around the World

By David Toussaint | Monday Apr 21, 2014
Traveling and sex are as intertwined as the positions you and your foreign date discover together. Michael Luongo, a Pulitzer-prize nominee, edits the 20 stories exploring these themes in "Sensual Travel: The Best of Gay Erotica."

Best Gay Erotica 2014

By Michael Cox | Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
This set of 19 well-built, pungent stories takes you to some places you’ve been and some places that you hadn’t thought of going. You’ll want to clean up as you go along; then you won’t have a big mess to deal with when you’re ready to put down the book.

Reading Sean Strub

By Doug Rule | Sunday Jan 26, 2014
In a new book, Sean Strub highlights the real progress that has been made in the 20 years since he founded POZ, the glossy HIV/AIDS-focused magazine.


By Michael Cox | Friday Oct 4, 2013
"Hombres" by Joan Crisol is 81 pages of underwear, swimwear and athletic wear, modeled by absurdly chiseled European men in exotic, Spanish settings. It’s all the most flammable ingredients, yet nothing seems to catch fire.

The Hardest Thing

By Christopher Verleger | Thursday Jun 13, 2013
An ex-marine gets more than he asked for when a land baron hires him to transport a trusted employee in James Lear’s erotic thriller.

Home for the Holidays Gift Guide 2012

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Nov 28, 2012
If you’re looking for gifts that might last a little longer than a bottle of bubby, then you could do worse than peruse some of the selections from this year’s "Home for the Holidays" gift guide.

"Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" Now Available

Sunday Nov 18, 2012
"The Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies" is the first Dummies reference guide to comprehensively address the legal issues facing the LGBT Community, including estate planning, marriage equality, adoption, surrogacy, artificial insemination, immigration, hous

Chris Stedman: Proud to Be a "Faitheist"

By Chris Sosa | Friday Nov 2, 2012
Chris Stedman talks with EDGE about his evolution and debut memoir.

New Book Series About LGBT-Headed Families

Monday Sep 17, 2012
Rainbow Rumpus’s downloadable books help introduce the concept of families headed by LGBT parents to children’s classrooms. ¬†Each contains information about how to talk about LGBT-headed families with children in an age appropriate way.

DC Center’s OutWrite Offers Pop-Up Gay Bookstore

By Doug Rule | Monday Jul 30, 2012
The pop-up bookstore, open the evening of Friday, Aug. 3, and all day Saturday, Aug. 4, and will feature 15 vendors - both publishers and independent authors - offering more than 1,000 books, including many used books donated to the center.
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