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"You’ve Got This" Helps Those Newly Diagnosed With HIV

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
Healthline’s website allows PLWHAs to record their own video about life with HIV, and share it with those unsecure about their future.

AIDS Activism Comes Alive in Sean Strub’s "Body Counts"

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jan 23, 2014
Veteran AIDS activist and POZ Magazine founder Sean Strub releases his new memoir, "Body Counts," with a special reading at the New York Public Library.

Missouri Man Accused of Exposing 30 People to HIV

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
Prosecutors have accused a former Missouri college student of knowingly exposing more than 30 sexual partners to HIV in four months -- as revealed by the man’s personal video collection of the encounters.

Philly Walgreens Specialize in HIV Outcomes

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Dec 23, 2013
You may not know it, but your local Walgreens pharmacist could save your life with their HIV-specialized services, not only in Philadelphia, but also across the country.

Phoenix Launches Statewide HIV Awareness Campaign

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Dec 16, 2013
Aunt Rita’s Foundation and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton are launching a statewide campaign that promotes HIV/AIDS awareness across Arizona through a banner campaign.

Jack Mackenroth Launches "HIV Equal" Media Campaign

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Oct 29, 2013
In an effort to end HIV stigma and encourage testing, "Project Runway" alum Jack Mackenroth has launched HIV Equal, a dynamic visual campaign.

Model Sues Over HIV Positive Advertisement

By Bobby McGuire | Tuesday Sep 24, 2013
A Brooklyn woman is suing Getty Images for selling her photograph for use in an ad informing HIV positive people of their legal rights.

Needle Prick Project Discusses Being HIV-Positive Today

By Jenny Block | Monday Apr 29, 2013
Spurred by the isolation and stigma he felt around discovering he was HIV-positive, Tyler Curry founded The Needle Prick Project, a series of photos and stories to help people open a frank discussion about what it means to be positive.

Working Together To End the Stigma of HIV

By Shaun Knittel | Saturday Dec 1, 2012
Although many people can now live long, healthy lives with HIV, the stigma remains, keeping people from getting tested and fomenting violence and discrimination. Groups like The Stigma Project work to neutralize this stigma.

Positively Aware’s A Day with HIV Photo Campaign Battles Stigma

By Bran Luna LeFae | Saturday Sep 15, 2012
On September 21, Positively Aware, a publication of Chicago group TPAN, will stage A Day With HIV, a global online photo campaign that captures the impact of HIV on their life, to help battle stigma.
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