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Hassehoff Memorabilia on the Auction Block

By Matthew Wexler | Tuesday Mar 4, 2014
Discover hidden treasures from your favorite celebrities on "Celebrity Home Raiders" along with the chance to pick up a few signature pieces from David Hasselhoff’s private collection, including KITT from "Knight Rider."

Largest Signed Baseball Collection on Display

By Tamara Lush | Wednesday Oct 23, 2013
A collection of signed baseball memorabilia with an estimated value of $2 to $3 million is now on display at the St. Petersburg Museum of History in Florida.

Unlocking the Treasures of Wolfgang’s Vault

By EDGE | Friday Mar 15, 2013
Looking for a unique piece of collectible artwork to spice up that boring white wall? Forget IKEA or the starving artist sale at your local Holiday Inn. Instead, consider the 25 million-item collection of Wolfgang’s Vault.

JFK Memorabilia Hits the Auction Block

By Rodrique Ngowi | Wednesday Feb 6, 2013
The family of a former special assistant to President John F. Kennedy is auctioning hundreds of photographs, documents, gifts and other memorabilia that once belonged to the late president.

TV Memorabilia Needs a Home

By John Rogers | Monday Jan 7, 2013
A former Hollywood joke writer gets serious about his collection of some of TV’s greatest artifacts.
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