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New York Named World's Top Wine Destination

By EDGE | Friday Jul 11, 2014
Thirty-six New York restaurant wine lists have been honored in "The World of Fine Wine"'s inaugural World's Best Wine Lists 2014.

Newcomer Vintners Shaking Up Chilean Wine Scene

By Luis Andres Henao | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
A bold new wave of independent vintners are challenging Chile’s reputation for producing oceans of agreeable but predictable wines. Their quirky, small-batch harvests are capturing the attention of wine connoisseurs at home and abroad.

California Wine-Grape Growers Celebrate Bumper Crop

Monday Feb 17, 2014
California agriculture officials reported good news for wine lovers and vineyard operators alike: a record harvest of wine grapes.Growers in the nation’s premier wine region brought in a bumper crop last year.

Big Fun on the Big Gay Wine Train

By Heather Cassell | Monday Apr 15, 2013
EDGE writer Heather Cassell hops aboard the Big Gay Wine Train for a rollicking good time as the wine flows and LGBT winemakers show off their best vintages from some of California’s most notable vineyards.

Fine Whine? Billionaire Cries Foul in Vintage Sale

By Larry Neimiester | Monday Apr 1, 2013
Two uber-wealthy wine collectors square off in federal court over a $320,000 questionable wine sale.

The Next Wave of Winemaking: Ocean Aged Wine

By Bruce Smith | Thursday Mar 14, 2013
An experiment in the age-old art of winemaking began last month as a California winery submerged four cases of Cabernet Sauvignon in Charleston Harbor to see how the ocean affects the aging of the wine.

Reds to Beat the Winter Blues

By Laura Grimmer | Wednesday Jan 23, 2013
Look no further than these simple tips and recommendations for the perfect winter wine pairings.
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