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Black Women Worried About Army Hair Regulations

By Jesse J. Holland | Sunday Apr 6, 2014

Mandatory Kim Jong Un Haircuts?

By Eric Talmadge | Friday Mar 28, 2014
Have all male university students in North Korea been ordered to get haircuts like their leader, Kim Jong Un? The Internet certainly says so.

Transitional Hairstyles Dominate Spring Fashion

By Heather Cassell | Thursday Feb 28, 2013
Winter’s edge hasn’t quite worn off yet, but hope has been reborn in a contrasting, hard and soft, transitional style that is reigning on spring 2013’s runways.

Brazil’s Beauty Boom

By Juliana Barbassa | Friday Feb 22, 2013
Looking good has always been serious business in Brazil. Now it’s big business, too. A flush new middle class is dropping major cash on designer shampoos, lotions and cosmetics, rapidly turning this country into a beauty industry powerhouse.

Obama Bangs, Yey or Nay?

By Jocelyn Noveck | Monday Jan 28, 2013
The President is back for a second term and there’s a new look to accompany him from First lady Michelle Obama.
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