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Sarria's Activism Recalled a Year After Death

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Friday Aug 22, 2014
Long before queer activists marched and chanted down the streets of San Francisco, Jose Sarria lived his life as an out, proud gay man.

’American Idol’ Eliminates Lesbian Contestant

By Khaled Sayed | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
She had made it to the top 10 and had a crowd of supporters at a San Francisco restaurant cheering her on. But in the end, MK Nobilette, an out lesbian singer, was eliminated from "American Idol."

Folksy, Gender-queer Singer-songwriter Chris Pureka

By Doug Rule | Sunday Jul 14, 2013
’’A lot of my songs follow a linear trajectory, going from point A to point B. It’s almost like I come up with a hypothesis for each song and then fill it out.’’

Rahsaan Patterson :: Out, Gay, Forging Forward

By Doug Rule | Thursday Jun 13, 2013
’’I’ve seen [gay people and gay culture] become much more embraced in popular culture over the years, which is a great thing,’’ Patterson says. ’’But in the black community, it hasn’t been as embraced."
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