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Whip It Out for the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Competition

By Winnie McCroy | Sunday Apr 13, 2014
In what may be the contest no man wants to win, owners of the New York boroughs’ tiniest schlongs will gather on June 14 at a Bushwick’s Kings County Bar for the second annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant.

NSFW: Denver Fox Affiliate Inadvertently Airs Penis Selfie

By EDGE | Friday Mar 21, 2014
What do a helicopter crash, Seattle’s Space Needle, Johnny Depp and rather large penis selfie have in common? Give up? They all appeared inadvertently in a morning news segment on Denver Fox affiliate KDVR Tuesday.

Giant Wooden Penis Chained To Putin Critic’s Car

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
A noted Twitter satirist and vocal critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin awoke last week to find a giant wooden penis chained to her car.

British Teen on Meow Stabs Mom, Slices Off Own Penis

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Jan 11, 2014
A teenager on Christmas break in the UK reportedly stabbed his mother, then cut off his penis while allegedly high on the party drug meow meow, otherwise known as mephedrone, a synthetic, amphetamine-like stimulant.

Which State Has the Biggest Penis Size?

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Dec 4, 2013
Find out which states have the biggest and smallest members, according to

PETA Protests on Penis Shaped Pillars Near Pittsburgh

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Oct 4, 2013
Following outrage over phallic-shaped pillars lining a road in a Pittsburgh suburb, PETA has offered to offset the cost of reshaping the concrete pillars in exchange for permission to advertise on the offending objects.

Czechs Report Record Fake Erectile Pills Seizure

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013
Czech Customs Administration spokeswoman Sarka Miskovska says a total of 194,300 counterfeit Viagra and Cialis pills were seized recently at Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport.

Penis Bite Lands Aussie Rugby Player Eight Game Suspension

By EDGE | Thursday Sep 12, 2013
An Australian rugby player with a history of violent behavior on and off the pitch has been suspended for eight games after allegedly biting a player from the opposing team on the penis during a tackle in a local league match.

PETA Hits Below the Belt: Chicken Wings Cause Small Penises

By Bobby McGuire | Tuesday Sep 3, 2013
This past weekend, PETA warned pregnant women to stay away from a Buffalo Wing eating contest, citing a study linking a chemical compound in chicken to the in utero development of small penises.

Porn: From Andy Warhol To XTube

By Michael Cox | Wednesday Jul 3, 2013
Aside from providing a haute jack-off experience (satisfying without leaving you with that disgusting, bloated feeling) this book brings up some interesting ideas of porn theory.