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Billie Jean King: On Sochi Olympics, Gay Rights

By Melissa Murphy | Monday Mar 3, 2014
Billie Jean King opens up about the Sochi Olympics gay rights and LGBT people in the sports world.

Billie Jean King: On Sochi Olympics, Gay Rights

By Melissa Murphy | Saturday Mar 1, 2014
Billie Jean King’s taxi ride home after the Sochi Olympics included a revelation. She learned Jason Collins joined the Brooklyn Nets, becoming the first openly gay male player among the four major U.S. professional sports.

Obama Names Delegation To Closing Ceremony

Saturday Feb 15, 2014
The White House says that former tennis great Billie Jean King, who couldn’t attend the opening of the Sochi Olympics because of her mother’s illness, will be a member of President Barack Obama’s official delegation to the Games’ closing ceremony

Billie Jean King Won’t Attend Sochi Opening

By Melissa Murphy | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
Billie Jean King will not attend Friday’s opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics in Russia because her mother is ill.

Billie Jean King Part of Diplomacy By Diversity

By Melissa Murphy | Wednesday Jan 8, 2014
Billie Jean King believes standing up to discrimination is the best way to combat it, so she had no hesitation joining the U.S. delegation for the Sochi Olympics.

Laryssa Husiak’s "She Is King" Looks at BJK Legacy

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jan 7, 2014
Playwright Laryssa Husiak brings tennis legend and feminist icon Billie Jean King to life in "She is King," a play that recaps three television interviews at seminal points in King’s life.

Obama Selects Gay Athletes For Sochi Delegation

By Eddie Pells | Wednesday Dec 18, 2013
President Barack Obama sent Russia a clear message about its treatment of gays and lesbians with who he is - and isn’t - sending to represent the United States at the Sochi Olympics.

Billie Jean King Celebrates 40th Ahead of 70th

By Melissa Murphy | Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
For Billie Jean King, 70 is the new 40.

Billie Jean King Talks Life Ahead of PBS Profile

Tuesday Aug 6, 2013
Billie Jean King said Tuesday that she couldn’t have revealed herself as being gay in the 1970s because it would have damaged the fledgling women’s professional tennis tour.
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