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Jet-Setting Your Way to Healthier Skin

By EDGE | Friday Jan 18, 2013
Winter is a great time to travel but changes in climate and humidity can put additional stress on your skin. Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt shares must-know travel tips for EDGE readers that will keep you looking fresh .

10 Winter-Friendly Face Products for Men

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Jan 9, 2013
Forget the chemical peel to achieve that smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom complexion and instead rely on our suggestions for ten of the best facial moisturizers and products to keep you looking young and fresh.

Face-Washing Tips for Healthier Skin

Monday Dec 17, 2012
Washing your face is as simple as using soap and water, right? Not quite say dermatologists. How you wash your face can make a difference in your appearance.

Surprising Skin Aging Antagonists: Face the Facts

Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
Doing the wrong thing can certainly speed up your skin’s aging process, and you might be surprised at what some of those no-no’s are. Here are five ways to ensure you continue to put your best face forward.

Five Fab Facial Products for Fall

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Oct 24, 2012
Two good things happen for your skin with the advent of autumn: you’re less prone to sun damage - and you’re drinking red wine again. Red wine contains resveratrol, which activates collagen production while also blocking certain aging processes.

Top Dermatologists’ Tips for Clearer Skin

Friday Sep 21, 2012
Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. Fortunately, acne can often be reduced with simple changes to a person’s skin care routine.

Autumn Grooming Guide

By Mark Thompson | Tuesday Sep 4, 2012
Many skincare lines are utilizing the latest developments in cosmeceuticals: cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients that, purportedly, have medical benefits. Correct the first signs of aging with a high-performance skincare line.

Get Better Results from Anti-Aging Products

Monday Aug 20, 2012
"People often think that the more expensive a product is, the more effective it will be," said board-certified dermatologist Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD, founding director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals in New York City.

Smoothies for a Gorgeous, Glowing Complexion

Thursday May 10, 2012
Getting a gorgeous, glowing complexion doesn’t only mean slathering on sunblock or the latest antioxidant serum (though that helps, too). It also means paying attention to your diet.

Virgin Atlantic Pouts Lips in "Upper Class Red"

Friday Mar 30, 2012
Virgin Atlantic and bareMinerals are giving passengers a taste of the high life this spring with the creation of a bespoke lip color, bareMinerals Pretty Amazing™ Lipcolor in shade ’Upper Class Red.