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She Don’t Hate Us, She Just Wanna Take Our Rainbow

By EDGE | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
A singer whose "Rainbow Song" offered a crayon-colored version of theology, says that the song was not intended to disparage gays... just reclaim the rainbow from their embrace.

Activist Seeks Rainbow Crossing in Northampton, Mass.

Sunday Mar 16, 2014
A Northampton activist is pushing for a symbolic show of support for the gay community.

West Hollywood City Hall Removes Rainbow Flag, Sparks Outrage

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
Officials in West Hollywood’s City Hall have taken down its rainbow flag, sparking outrage in one of America’s most prominent gay neighborhoods.

Poll Finds Pride Flag More Offensive Than Confederate Flag

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
A recent poll by the Public Policy Polling group found that the gay Pride flag was more offensive to the average American than the racist-tinged Confederate flag.

This Rainbow A-OK, Not Gay, Says the Kremlin

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Oct 16, 2013
The Kremlin’s top expert has declared that the rainbow flag flown by Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region does not violate the country’s ban on LGBT propaganda.

Wash. Students Suspended for Wearing Flag

Friday Oct 11, 2013
Tahoma High School in Maple Valley suspended two students this week for wearing Confederate flags around their necks.

Miami Beach Hosts Creator of Rainbow Flag Gilbert Baker

By Andrea Richard | Wednesday Sep 18, 2013
A little bit of fabric and a vision can go a long way. Just ask gay rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker, who spoke to a captivated audience Thursday, Sept. 12 at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

The Rainbow Flag’s 35th Anniversary

Monday Sep 16, 2013
Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag (Pride Flag), received the Key to the City of Miami Beach by Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and Commissioner Deede Weithorn.

Athletes at Worlds Sport Rainbow Fingernails

By Chris Lehourites | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
At least two Swedish athletes at the world championships in Moscow competed with rainbow-colored fingernails Thursday, showing support for gays and lesbians in contrast to Russia’s new anti-gay law.
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