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New Poll: Over 50% of LGBT Community Closeted At Work

By Jason St. Amand | Sunday May 11, 2014
A new Human Rights Campaign poll finds that more than half of LGBT workers say they are in the closet at their job.

Biden’s Remarks on LGBT Executive Order Leave White House Dodging

By Justin Snow | Thursday May 8, 2014
Does President Obama agree with Vice President Biden that there would be "no downside" to signing an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from LGBT workplace discrimination?

Gay Man Sues America’s Cup

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Saturday Apr 5, 2014
A gay former America’s Cup employee is suing operators of the yacht race, claiming he was wrongfully terminated after top officials mocked his sexuality.

Amid House intransigence, Democrats Could Attempt to Force ENDA Vote

By Justin Snow | Thursday Apr 3, 2014
With congressional Democrats seeking to force a vote on immigration reform in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives through the use of a discharge petition, the White House indicated Wednesday its openness to using a similar strategy.

Christian Charity? Religious Right Reacts to World Vision’s LGBT Inclusive Policy

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
Christian relief agency group World Vision announced this week their policy change to allow the hire of Christian married same-sex couples. Unsurprisingly, the announcement sparked outrage from anti-gay activists.

SF Rule Aims for LGBT Tenant Protections Nationwide

By Matthew S. Bajko | Saturday Mar 8, 2014
National developers wishing to build residential projects with 10 or more units in San Francisco would have to disclose if they prohibit LGBT discrimination under a proposal gay District 9 Supervisor David Campos is championing.

Publix Grocery Store Chain Scores A Zero on Corporate Equality Index

By John McDonald | Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
Is Publix a great company or an out-of-date entity? The supermarket giant, headquartered in Lakeland, Fla., has come under fire for how it treats its LGBT employees.

Honda Still Sees Chance for ENDA

By Matthew S. Bajko | Monday Dec 9, 2013
Despite the House leadership’s refusal to bring it up for a vote, a federal bill banning LGBT workplace discrimination isn’t dead yet in the eyes of a South Bay congressman.

2 Same-Sex Couples Sue BNSF Over Health Benefits

By Gene Johnson | Wednesday Dec 4, 2013
Two workers sued one of the nation’s largest rail companies Tuesday, saying their same-sex spouses have repeatedly been denied health benefits even though voters in Washington state legalized gay marriage last year.

General Motors to Extend Benefits to All Same-Sex Married Couples

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Nov 6, 2013
Officials from General Motors recently announced a new policy that will extend marriage benefits to spouses of same-sex workers who have been legally married in a state that recognizes marriage equality.