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Minn. No. 2 House Republican on Ropes Over Vote for Same-Sex Marriage

By Bobby McGuire | Monday Aug 4, 2014
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - As second-in-command for Minnesota House Republicans, Rep. Jenifer Loon made a big gamble when she broke with her party's prevailing view on gay marriage.

Suing Obama: GOP-Led House Gives the Go-Ahead

By Alan Fram | Thursday Jul 31, 2014
A sharply divided House approved a Republican plan Wednesday to launch a campaign-season lawsuit against President Barack Obama, accusing him of exceeding the bounds of his constitutional authority.

Cantor Plans to Resign from Leadership

By David Espo | Wednesday Jun 11, 2014
Officials say House Majority Leader Eric Cantor intends to resign his leadership post this summer after losing a primary election Tuesday night in a major upset.

GOP House Backs State Medical Marijuana Laws

By Andrew Taylor | Friday May 30, 2014
The GOP-controlled House voted early Friday in favor of blocking the federal government from interfering with states that permit the use of medical marijuana.

Coffman Signs On: ENDA Gains One New GOP Co-Sponsor

By EDGE | Thursday Apr 10, 2014
US Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado has added his voice to a few Republicans and 196 Democrats in congressional support of the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA).

After Senate Win Gay Groups Shift Focus to Obama

By JuliePace | Friday Nov 8, 2013
Moments after the Senate passed a historic measure to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays, activists turned their attention toward President Barack Obama and a long-sought executive order that would have the same effect, though much smaller.
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