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Scott Lively Assumes the Mantle: ’America’s Biggest Homophobe’

By Jason Parsley | Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Fred Phelps is dead, but don’t worry: Someone just as vitriolic and virulently anti-gay is ready to assume the sobriquet of "Most Homophobic Man in America," and his reach extends to Uganda and Russia, where he helped usher in a new era of hate.

Irish Journalist Plays Victim Card on ’Pantigate’ Scandal

By EDGE | Monday Apr 14, 2014
Citing weight loss, insomnia and being ostracized by media colleagues, one of the alleged anti-gay journalists at the center of the "Pantigate" scandal in Ireland is serving up enough w(h)ine to put Napa Valley to shame.

Ender’s Game

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
Teachers should watch proudly homophobic Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi story since the 1985 book remains the rage in middle and high schools because it’s basically a defense for lives spent playing violent video games. But Gavin Hood’s film version is flat.
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