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UK Man Sentenced for Beating Straight Man in Anti-Gay Attack

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jun 11, 2014
A straight man from the United Kingdom will have metal plates in his face for the rest of his life as a result of an anti-gay attack last year.

Straights Still See Gay Men as Feminine

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday May 8, 2014
Sorry, gym bunnies -- all that pumping iron doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect: a recent study shows that many people still consider straight men to be more masculine than gay men.

Poll: Over 90% of British Straight Men Like to Cuddle With Dudes

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
New research from two sociologists found that 93 percent of British men, who identify as straight, said they have cuddled with another man.

Police: Straight Man Victim of Alleged Anti-Gay NYC Attack

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Oct 2, 2013
A man from New York City says he was attacked last week when he was walking his dogs near his apartment. Though he identifies as straight, authorities are reportedly investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Sometimes A Queer Notion

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Apr 11, 2011
In the past, we’re told, 21st century concepts of "straight" and "gay" simply didn’t exist. But does partitioning ourselves sexually mark a step forward? Or is it just a strange and wasteful diversion that may one day fizzle?

U.K. Comedian Discusses Journey from Loving Women to Husband & 4 Kids

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Jul 9, 2010
In an article that seems destined to inflame both sides of the culture war, a U.K. actress describes her journey into lesbianism, and then, twelve years later, into the life of a straight wife and mother.

Support SWiSH (Straight Women in Support of Homos)

By Scott Stiffler | Wednesday May 13, 2009
Whether you call them fag hags, fairy princesses or just plain "Ma’am," heterosexual women are our most loyal, ardent champions. So why not show your support for them at an upcoming benefit at Greenwich Village’s most legendary cabarets. EDGE has the skinny on SWiSH -- Straight Women in Support of Homos, and their upcoming event.
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