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Women Missing From the Movies, Says Geena Davis

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Sep 25, 2014
The results are in from her extensive study, says Geena Davis: women and girls are few and far between in films, and those there have no job other than to be thin and pretty.

Lea DeLaria Puts 'Spotlight on Diversity' in LGBT Media Panel

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Aug 15, 2014
Lea DeLaria will join other LGBT actors and creators on August 17 in Los Angeles when The Box Scene Project and BAYCAT hold their "Spotlight on Diversity: A Conversation & Celebration of LGBT Media Representation."

Media Taken in By Dutch "Gay-Only" Village Hoax

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Jun 20, 2014
Dutch and foreign media were taken in by an elaborate hoax regarding the construction of a "gay-only" village outside of Tilburg.

Russia State News Agency Gets Controversial Chief

By Laura Mills | Monday Dec 9, 2013
President Vladimir Putin appointed a controversial news anchor to head a restructured state news agency, a move signaling the Kremlin’s intention to tighten control over the media and use it increasingly for propaganda of ultraconservative views.

Public Ignores Complaints About Shep Smith News Blackout

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday Nov 2, 2013
A Gawker item that outed a media celebrity has inspired one of those cycles of accusations and counter-accusations unique to media that cover media, which appears to be of interest only to other members of the media.

Lily Tomlin to Host Women’s Media Center 2013 Awards

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Sep 9, 2013
The Women’s Media Center has tapped Lily Tomlin to host the 2013 Women’s Media Awards on Oct. 8 in New York City.

Media Study: More Pro Views on Same-Sex Marriage

By David Bauder | Monday Jun 17, 2013
Around the time the U.S. Supreme Court was considering the same-sex marriage issue, news reports had more comments from supporters than opponents, a study released Monday concluded.

StraightTalk On Athletes, the Media & Bullying

By David Perry | Friday Oct 19, 2012
Discussing the inroads made in politics, media, athletics, and the corporate arena, luminaries from across the LGBTQ experience met under one roof in New York City for the third annual StraightTalk Conference on October 12-14.

Media Advocacy Summit Draws Journalists, Bloggers to San Francisco

By Phil Reese | Friday Mar 18, 2011
A summit organized by the Bilerico Project and sponsored by the Haas Foundation drew 30 journalists and bloggers from across the country to San Francisco on Saturday, March 12.

TMZ founder vows fight against sheriff’s office

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009
The founder of celebrity news site is promising a fight after he says the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department illegally obtained his phone records in its investigation into who leaked a report on Mel Gibson’s 2006 drunken driving arrest.