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Fox in the Hen House: Fair & Balanced, Depending on Which Way the Wind Blows

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday May 17, 2014
Fox News’ roster of stars might throw red meat to its audience by fulminating against the "forced resignation" of the head of Mozilla, but if one digs into Fox’s ideology, it appears it is following polls that show the marriage battle has gone our way.

Fox News Reporter: Obama is Gay Over LGBT Olympics Support

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
Is President Barrack Obama secretly gay and in the closet? As suggested by Fox News contributor Todd Starnes, he must be; following comments the president made in support of LGBT athletes at a press conference last Friday.

Hasselbeck Exits ’The View’ With No Hard Feelings

By David Bauder | Wednesday Jul 10, 2013
Elisabeth Hasselbeck left "The View" after a decade on Wednesday, showing no hard feelings toward her colleagues even though her political views made for some awkward and heated exchanges on the daytime chat fest over the years.

Parents of tween Gleeks keep hands on pause button

By Jocelyn Noveck | Wednesday May 19, 2010
Is "Glee" just too racy for the tweens who love it?

48 Hours in Los Angeles

By William Kapfer | Sunday Feb 28, 2010
It is always a pleasure to escape winter. A cosmopolitan juggernaut full of wild nights, tasty treats and trendy trysts, 48 hours in Los Angeles makes one weak. Thanks to Delta Air Lines and the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for a whirlwind two days.

Mary Murphy from "So You Think You Can Dance" on her Broadway Debut in BURN THE FLOOR

By William Kapfer | Wednesday Jan 6, 2010
A few words from Mary Murphy from Fox TV’s "So you Think You Can Dance" on her guest appearance in BURN THE FLOOR --running through January 10th.

Fox’s ’Virtuality’

By Kilian Melloy | Saturday Jun 27, 2009
"Virtuality" is a cool mess of a TV movie that might make for a good series if it’s given a chance.
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