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India’s Top Court Recognizes Third Gender

By Nirmala George | Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
India’s top court on Tuesday issued a landmark verdict recognizing transgender rights as human rights, saying people can identify themselves as a third gender on official documents.

Activists: Ruling on Gays Hurts HIV Fight in India

By AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool | Wednesday Dec 25, 2013
Gay-rights activists and health workers in India are warning that a new Supreme Court ruling criminalizing homosexuality will undo years of progress in fighting AIDS by driving gay and transgender people underground.

India Government Asks Court to Review Anti-Gay Law

Friday Dec 20, 2013
India’s government asked the Supreme Court on Friday to review a decision in which it upheld a colonial-era law that bans homosexual acts and makes them punishable by up to a decade in prison.

Anti-Gay India Ruling Sparks San Fran Protests

By Heather Cassell | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
South Asian LGBTs and their allies protested in San Francisco after the Supreme Court in India reinstated a colonial-era anti-gay sodomy law.

India Government Likely To Review Anti-Gay Sex Law

By Ashok Sharma | Thursday Dec 12, 2013
India’s law minister said Thursday that the government has not abandoned efforts to make homosexuality legal, saying the country must take swift action to challenge a Supreme Court decision banning same-sex relations.

India’s Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Gay Sex Law

By Nirmala George | Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a 2009 lower court decision to decriminalize homosexuality, dealing a blow to gay activists who have fought for years for the chance to live openly in India’s deeply conservative society.

Shakuntala Devi, ’Human Computer’ & LGBT Activists Honored in Google Doodle

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Nov 4, 2013
Monday’s Google Doodle honors Shakuntala Devi, a math genius known as the "human computer." But many don’t know she was also one of India’s first LGBT activists.

Skiing in Kashmir

By Sebastian Abbot | Friday Apr 5, 2013
There are very few ski resorts in the world where you see a soldier in uniform waiting for the gondola with a snowboard in one hand and an AK-47 in the other. Welcome to Kashmir, one of the most militarized places on earth.

India Bars Same-Sex Couples From Using Surrogates

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jan 23, 2013
India’s government issued a ruling that forbids foreign same-sex couples couples who are looking to start a family from accessing the country’s popular surrogate program.

Pink Escapes for LGBT Bespoke Travel to India

Monday Nov 12, 2012
Pink Escapes is a gay-owned, ground-breaking and affordable ’Bespoke Pink Luxury’ travel boutique in India showcasing India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka in style whilst entwining pink experiences.