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A Bengali Culinary Journey with New Cookbook

Sunday Nov 11, 2012
Bengalis are one of the most food and culture obsessed people in India. They are commonly compared to the French in that regard, as dining and entertaining are such an integral part of their culture.

Five Free Things to Do in New Delhi

By RAVI NESSMAN | Monday Oct 15, 2012
The capital of India is a bustling hub of 17 million people and one of the centers of modern Indian life. It is chaotic and crowded, yet filled with beautiful gardens and history dating back thousands of years.

Vegetarian McDonald’s to Open in India

By CANDICE CHOI | Monday Sep 17, 2012
McDonald’s Corp., the fast food chain that brought the hamburger to the world, is opening what may be its first vegetarian-only restaurants.

Mumbai’s Fashion Week Revels in Cut and Color

Thursday Aug 23, 2012
India’s cultural capital of Mumbai, in the thick of the fashion world with Lakme Fashion Week, wrapped up five days of runway presentations.

Dream and Night Hotels to Expand to India with Fifty-Two Hotel Openings

Tuesday Feb 7, 2012
Hampshire Hotels & Resorts, unveiled an aggressive brand building initiative in India with the announcement ´┐╝of a five year plan to launch fifty-two hotels (forty Night hotels and twelve Dream hotels) in India.

Twelve Reasons to See India in 2012

Wednesday Jan 4, 2012
"As a travel company that originated in India over 250 years ago, Cox & Kings is thrilled to offer travelers more value for venturing to this amazing destination," said Thomas Stanley, head of Cox & Kings, The Americas.

UK Curry Competition Proves Too Hot to Handle

Friday Oct 7, 2011
Some like it hot, but contestants at a curry eating contest in Scotland collapsed in agony after biting off more than they could chew at a self-styled "world’s hottest chili" competition.

India’s Fruit and Vegetables Lost to Rot

By NIRMALA GEORGE | Thursday Sep 1, 2011
India is plagued by malnutrition and soaring inflation, but it’s not for lack of food. It is the world’s second largest grower of fresh produce, but loses an estimated 40 percent of its fruit and vegetables to rot because of a lack of refrigeration.

SF’s Commonwealth Club Presents "Spice of Life: Growing Up Queer in India"

Wednesday Aug 17, 2011
Just two years after the 2008 Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire" renewed our fascination with India, The Commonwealth Club is presenting a closer look at this ancient culture in their August series of special lectures this year.

India’s Eunuchs Demand Access to Food Programs

Sunday Jul 31, 2011
Eunuchs in India are demanding an end to discrimination against them and access to government welfare programs.