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March 8 Marks International Women’s Day

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Mar 6, 2014
March 8 marks International Women’s Day, and across the nation, women’s groups are holding public events and actions of solidarity against attacks on women’s rights, including reproductive rights, domestic violence and sexual assault.

A Changing Judicial Landscape For Gay Rights

By Mark Sherman | Friday Feb 14, 2014
The overturning of Virginia’s gay marriage ban places the legal fight over same-sex unions increasingly in the hands of federal appeals courts shaped by President Barack Obama’s two election victories.

Justice Dept. Applies Same-Sex Rights To Itself

By Pete Yost | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Eric Holder announced that same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, should be eligible to file for bankruptcy jointly and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as federal prison inmates in opposite-sex marriages.

Court: Gay Juror was Taken Off Panel Improperly

By Lisa Leff | Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
A federal appeals court has ruled that potential jurors may not be removed from a trial during jury selection solely because of sexual orientation.

Gays Seek Inclusion at Vietnamese Parade

Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
A Southern California city is gearing up for a heated debate over a Vietnamese new year’s parade that would exclude the community’s gay and lesbian residents.

Neb. County to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

Wednesday Dec 4, 2013
Douglas County says it will extend benefits to same-sex spouses of employees who were legally married in other states.

Houston to Offer Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
Houston has announced it will provide benefits to legally married same-sex spouses of city employees.

In Essay, Obama Ties Legacy of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to Gay, Women’s Rights

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
President Barack Obama is connecting the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to gay rights, women’s rights and modern technological transformations.

New Mexico Woman Who Sued to Marry Partner Dies

Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
A New Mexico woman who won an emergency court order allowing her to marry her longtime partner this summer in one of a cascade of same-sex weddings in the state has died.

’Kids React’ to Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

By EDGE | Tuesday Nov 5, 2013
A recent video making a huge viral splash on social media sets out to prove that theory with a montage of interviews with children and their thoughts on marriage equality and gay rights.