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Lesbian Couple Flees Russia for Asylum in Argentina

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Jul 18, 2014
Afraid for their safety in a country with a growing antipathy toward gays, a Russian lesbian couple is now seeking asylum in Argentina for themselves and their teenage son.

Russian Gays Marry, Will Seek Asylum in Argentina

Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
A gay couple from Russia’s Olympic city of Sochi has gotten married in Buenos Aires and plan to seek asylum in Argentina.

Argentina Grants 6-Year-Old Trans Child a Female ID Card

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 10, 2013
Argentina has granted a six-year-old transgender girl a female ID card after her mother wrote to the governor of Buenos Aires, saying that the child had identified as a girl as soon as she could talk.

Uruguay’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Takes Effect

By EDGE | Monday Aug 5, 2013
Today Rodrigo Borda and Sergio Miranda became the first same-sex couple to register to marry in Uruguay, just hours after the law legalizing gay marriage took effect in the country. The couple plans to marry in September.

Argentina Requires HMOs to Fund Fertility Efforts

Thursday Jun 6, 2013
Argentina’s health care providers must now provide fertility treatments to anyone older than 18 who wants them, be they married or single, gay or straight.

Pro-Marriage Equality Argentinian Priest Defrocked

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Apr 18, 2013
The Vatican has defrocked a gay priest from Argentina who supported the country’s gay marriage bill in 2010.

Evita Museum Comes to New York for Three Weeks

Wednesday Sep 5, 2012
"Evita: Passion and Action," an exhibition of works on loan from the Museo Evita in Buenos Aires, will open at the Consulate General of Argentina in New York on September 7, 2012.

Argentine Leader: Equality as Important as Liberty

Thursday Jul 5, 2012
Argentina’s president personally delivered the nation’s first identity cards on Monday to people who legally switched their genders under a law that sets a global precedent.

Argentina Gender Rights Law: A New World Standard

By Michael Warren | Friday May 11, 2012
Activists say Argentina leads the world in transgender rights after giving people the freedom to change their legal and physical gender identity simply because they want to without having to undergo judicial, psychiatric and medical procedures beforehand.

Argentina Makes Sex-Reassignment Surgery a Legal Right

By Michael Warren | Thursday May 10, 2012
Adults who want sex-change surgery or hormone therapy in Argentina will be able to get it as part of their public or private health care plans under a gender rights law approved Wednesday.