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Getting Trashed: New England Fisheries Offer Sustainable Seafood

By | Friday Aug 23, 2013
Who you callin’ trashy? New England is embracing the phrase as chefs, scientists and commercial fisheries combine forces to offer sustainable seafood and educate diners on the impact of global warming.

Get Trashed: Sustainable Seafood’s Latest Trend

By Michele Kayal | Saturday Jun 15, 2013
"Trash fish" dining is catching on as chefs become more innovative in sourcing sustainable seafood.

A Peek Inside NYC’s New Fulton Fish Market

By Verena Dobnik | Thursday Apr 25, 2013
Think Wall Street trading is brutal? Head to the the South Bronx, where cutthroat deals are made in the dead of night on a massive concrete floor that embodies the nation’s largest fish market.

Fisheries Still Ravaged by Hurricane Sandy

By Wayne Parry | Monday Jan 14, 2013
Hurricane Sandy did millions of dollars’ worth of damage to the fishing industry, but the National Flood insurance program recently passed by Congress does not include any assistance.

For Holiday Entertaining, Think Lobster Claws

Saturday Dec 15, 2012
For holiday entertaining, forget Santa Claus and instead, think lobster claws.

Food Label Frenzy

By GOSIA WOZNIACKA | Saturday Nov 17, 2012
Want to avoid pesticides and antibiotics in your produce, meat, and dairy foods? Prefer to pay more to make sure farm animals were treated humanely, farmworkers got their lunch breaks, bees or birds were protected by the farmer?

Bluefin Tuna Conservation Measures Pay Off

By MICHAEL CASEY | Thursday Nov 15, 2012
Japan and Asian nations argued bluefin tuna should be left to quota-setting international fisheries bodies to bring the species back from the brink.Two years on, their strategy for rebuilding stocks of Atlantic Bluefin tuna appears to be working.

Virginia: Oyster Capital of the East Coast

Saturday Sep 29, 2012
Virginia is gaining ground as the oyster capital of the East Coast with seven different oyster regions and status as the largest producer of fresh, farm-raised oysters in the country.

US Seafood Catch Reaches 17-Year High

By CLARKE CANFIELD | Tuesday Sep 25, 2012
The U.S. seafood catch reached a 17-year high last year, with all fishing regions of the country showing increases in both the volume and value of their harvests.

Oysters and Scotch for Summer Bliss

Saturday Aug 18, 2012
James Beard Award-winning author and renowned oyster expert, Rowan Jacobsen, has created a menu of pairings that will bring a whole new perspective to your raw bar order this summer.